How Does The City Of Houston Handle Minor Car Accidents?

With a population of over two million and growing, things can get pretty congested throughout the Houston area. Several people will hear this statement and their mind races to a crowded restaurant or bar scene. Others consider the growing population of the area and think of the housing market and the opportunities that are available. But there is, of course, the car accidents as well.

An area that does not receive as much thought as it should are the busy highways and interstates that run through the city. Residents have become so accustomed to the often bumper to bumper traffic that they no longer need to prepare for delays that may be inevitable.

Both Hands On The Wheel

[pullquote]Not only have new residents increased the traffic to Houston’s road, the next generation of drivers that seems to increase every year has also played a factor.[/pullquote] This not only provides a risk from the increase in motorists, the lack of experience behind the wheel also plays a role.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, Houston was the leading city in the state of Texas as recent as 2011 when it comes to car accidents. That year, there was a total of 38,538 reported car accidents. In order to see this number more clearly, this is equivalent to a collision every 15 minutes.

Not all of these incidents resulted in major damage. There were many that occurred without injury and with all parties involved driving away from the scene. According to a well-known Houston Car Accident Lawyer, “Regardless of how careful you are yourself, there is little you can do about other negligent and careless drivers on the road.”

Do I Have To Call The Police?

If you find yourself involved in a car accident resulting without injury, the Houston Police Department wants to remind you that there are some incidents that do not necessarily require a call to the local police. If you are involved in an accident that meets each of the following requirements, simply exchanging insurance information between drivers is enough to handle the situation.

  • There are no injuries sustained as a result of the accident.
  • Only minor damage has occurred to all vehicles involved and they are able to be safely driven away from the scene.
  • Each driver is in possession of a valid driver’s license and is legally insured.
  • All of the drivers are able to communicate and get along in a cordial manner without disturbing other drivers or the general public.
  • None of the drivers involved are under the influence of drugs or alcohol.
  • Neither government workers or property are involved in the accident.

If you are involved in an accident that meets each of the previous requirements, simply exchanging both license and insurance information with the other drivers involved will be enough to solve the matter.

However, regardless of how minor an accident may be, make sure that you spend time taking photographs of the accident. This should be accomplished before any vehicles involved are moved away from the scene.

Take a photo from every angle possible. Snap a few shots from both the above and below views, including as much of each vehicle as possible. Remember, it’s better to have many pictures than not enough.

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How Does The City Of Houston Handle Minor Car Accidents?

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