Confessions of a Creative Mind

I had to laugh when I received a email this week titled “Confessions of a Creative Mind.”  Filter, one of the national agencies located in Seattle, is calling all creatives to confess their  secrets, white lies and fibs on their website.. “We all have ‘em, and we’ve all told ‘em.  Maybe you have a tattoo no one knows about, or you rigged last year’s Secret Santa. No matter how dark, dusty or obscure, we want to hear your secrets! Go to and fess up. (And sure, you can confess as many times as you want. Who are we to stand in the way of absolution?)”

So if something has being waying heavy on your heart, or you just haven’t had the guts to tell someone in person, go ahead, fess up and post your confession in the collection. AND if you are bold enough, post your confession in a comment below so we can share a giggle. If you want to stay semi-anonymous…change the names of people in your story, authors do it all the time.

PS. We all do stupid things at some point in time. Don’t let it define who you are. When you confess it to someone (or here anonymously) it will free you up, allowing you live without condemnation.