Food Design: Creative Santa Hat & Christmas Tree Brownies

I went out for tacos and beer last night, and now I’m having a fat day today. For guys who don’t know what that is; I’ll give you a little insight about what that means. Girls sometimes have “fat days.” You know what I’m talking about, right ladies? It’s when we wake up in the morning and realize we had a little too much fun and too many carbs the night before. It’s those mornings when we frantically search our closets for a frumpy pair of pants since our skinny jeans aren’t quite working that day.

So since I won’t be making and eating these brownies any time soon, I’m happy I can at least write about them. Both of these food designs involve my favorite fruit, strawberries! The Santa hat brownies are super simple since you just pipe some buttercream on top of the brownie, place the upside down strawberry on top (after you cut it to make it flat on the end), and add a dot of buttercream on top of the hat.

The Christmas tree brownies will be a little more advanced to make, especially if you are a piping beginner, but don’t let that intimidate you. Even if yours don’t come out looking exactly like these, it’s a great method to use for all kinds of designs, and I’m sure yours will be fabulous too! You can get the instructions and recipe for the Santa hat brownies at Daisy’s World. The information for the Christmas tree brownies is on Sweet Tooth. Good luck and don’t forget to come back and show us a picture!

Christmas Holiday Creative Brownies

Festive Holiday Chocolate Brownies

Festive Holiday Chocolate Brownies

Via: [That’s Nerdalicious]