Contact Lenses vs Sports, Yes Or No?

If you have been wearing eyeglasses, you know how much of a hassle they can be in certain situations. Physical activities such as dancing, outdoor activities and sports are so difficult for people with poor eyesight, which is why according to contact lenses and physical activities go hand in hand with each other, without a doubt. It is definitely not a debate as physical activities require a lot of movement and you wouldn’t want your eyeglasses to get in the way- especially when playing sports.

Without contact lenses, many athletes would find it extremely difficult to play their sports unless they have 20/20 vision. Unfortunately, many athletes do have poor eyesight. Sports goggles aren’t exactly the most comfortable or the most convenient option. You could say that contact lenses and sports go hand in hand.

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It is definitely so much better and highly recommended to wear contact lenses when playing physical sports to refrain from any injuries that optometrists websites try to warn us about. So the moment you are trying out for a new physical sport, make sure to visit an eye doctor and get a pair of contact lenses.

If you are still hesitant to go to your local eye doctor for a pair of contact lenses, and still question if you can wear contacts while playing sports, the answer is yes. Wearing eyeglasses can cause many injuries. Many ball games can cause your glasses to break. The worst part is that someone can pass you a ball and hit you in the face which might cause your glasses to crack on your face.

It is definitely a hazard which is why contact lenses are highly recommended by eye doctors for those who play physical sports. Fun fact: there are sports where you are not allowed to wear eyeglasses. This is so because wearing eyeglasses while playing any physical sports will be more of a hassle than a convenience. It will move around as you run or move, and not only that, they are expensive to replace if broken. Eyeglasses really are not an option.

You may be asking: “How about watersports? Am I allowed to wear contacts when I swim?” The answer is no. The only sport which is an exception to the rule are water sports. Wearing contact lenses in water can cause irritate eyes, corneal ulcers, infections or vision loss. If you have horrible vision and are looking to find a way to see underwater, you may have to consider getting a pair of prescription goggles.

Otherwise, do not wear contact lenses because there is a lot of bacteria in not only pools but also fresh and sea water as well. Though contact lenses can be quite convenient, we can weigh out the pros and cons to really see how beneficial contact lenses are to athletes:


  • Contact lenses provide clear vision without the hassle of wearing something on your face.
  • Better peripheral vision
  • Will unlikely fall out during a game
  • Cheaper to replace
  • Glares or reflections are not something to worry about
  • Unlike glasses, contact lenses will not fog up


  • You may lose your contact lenses during a game
  • Your eyes might get irritated
  • Watersports are not allowed
  • Contact lenses do not protect your eyes from any eye injuries

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