How To Control Elder Mistreatment In Nursing Homes

Elders living in nursing homes are equally important as the people living around us. They have the same rights as others. They should be treated well and according to the law, rules, and policies so that they should be protected from any abuse.

Although elder abuse or maltreatment reporting is very rare, still it exists. There can be many reasons for such abusive behavior, but the need is to stop them flourishing. Following are some tricks to handle and control the elder mistreatment.

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1. Isolation Should Be Discouraged

Elders should be encouraged to become a part of society by adding their valuable experiences. They must give a smooth and comfortable environment where they can contact with one another.

Providing Such An Environment Will Have Following Effects On Them:

  • They will feel a valuable part of society.
  • Their anxiety will minimize, and they will cheer.
  • Their extrovert nature will help them to be strong and stop the violence.

2. Family Support

Other family members should always remain in touch with elders. Their support will further strengthen the inner abilities of the elders. Feeling of a supportive, loving, and caring family around encourages the healing power of the elder patient. Furthermore, off and on visits of family members will keep the nursing home staff more vibrant and alert. They will avoid negligence in such cases.

3. Providing Activities

Elders must be kept busy in some activities. These activities can be mental or physical. Both types have a long-lasting effect on the health of the elder patient. While involving in such activities, they will feel more active and comfortable.

Some mental and physical activities will make them tired, and then they need some time for relaxation. Thus, this will help in building a routine for them. An idle mind and body can act violently while a busy mind and body will have less preference for violation and abuses.

4. Religious Activities

Indulging elders in some religious and spiritual activities will bring smoothness and harmony in the lives of elders. The staff should keep one thing in mind that these are the people with retired life and need to be dormant once again.

You can break their static mood while providing some better opportunities to them. Such opportunities should match their nature. In this way, they will become less violent. Furthermore, these religious activities will prove fruitful in building the moral character of the other staff as well.

5. Discouraging The Presence Of Violence

Administration at nursing home must keep an eye on the whole staff. They should not allow any person with violent or abusive nature around the elders. Such a person can cause severe damage to the elders and the property of the nursing home. The security must be tight and properly managed.

6. Legal Actions

Elders should be trained to talk to you immediately at the time of violation or abuse. They can consult the attorney or direct the administration to do so. Sandusky Nursing Home Abuse Attorney is considered best while you are looking for any consultant in case of nursing home abuse.

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