Could Your Soda Change The World?

So many things are happening around us. With all the natural calamities (earthquakes, floods) wars, fighting, oppression, inflation and unemployment, people are more aware of the various plights of individuals all over the world. Everyone is very conscious of the need to change or modify our behavior to make our resources sustainable and make even our own communities a better place to live in.

Mashable featured in one of their articles how a soft drink company  has used social media effectively – Social Media Marketing: How Pepsi Got It Right ” Rather than spending money on Super Bowl advertising this year, the company is spending $20 million on a social media campaign”.

Pepsi looked for people, businesses and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact. They asked people to look around their community and think about how they want to change it for the better. Pepsi is giving away millions to fund great ideas.  Voting for the new ideas is now open. Find your favorite ideas and come back to support them all month.

Here are the advertising materials that help launch the program globally. Even in the Philippines, a similar endeavor was launched this year, but with a twist. I have included one that was done in our vernacular language (Tagalog). The message that was imparted was that change is here and Pepsi wants to be the enabler to bringing out that change.  “Sarap Magbago” meaning, change tastes good! So could your soda change the world? My answer is yes, one soda at a time. What do you think?