Drink Your Pie: The Warm Apple Pie Cocktail

This is my favorite time of year. The weather is starting to get a little bit cooler in the evenings, and it’s a perfect time to experiment with different warm drinks to enjoy while sitting on the porch at the end of a long day. This time, I’m going to share with you a concoction that I haven’t actually tried yet, but I plan to give it a go this week. I feel a little bit like a mad scientist with this one because I’m going to take two separate things I saw online and combine them into what I call the Warm Apple Pie Cocktail. I have a feeling it’s going to taste really, really good, and I can report back to you about that soon.

I want to share it with you today since hopefully it will inspire you to get creative in your own kitchen and maybe even create your own “pie cocktails.” There are lots of different flavors you could try. My Warm Apple Pie Cocktail is going to be very easy to make (otherwise I wouldn’t do it). Here we go…

On Cupcake Project, I saw a post called How To Drink Apple Pie. It’s basically a recipe for making pie crust biscotti, which you then dunk into hot, spiced apple cider. I put a few pictures from that post below for you to see. According to that recipe, it’s very important to cook and slice the pie crust a certain way or else it will crumble. I am not going to bake my pie crust from scratch though, I bought some that is already premade.

For this Warm Apple Pie Cocktail, you can buy the regular apple cider at the store which you then heat. It’s super easy, and I’ve done this many times. Just pour a small amount of cider in a pot and heat it on the stove. Now for the “Diana added extra”… I found a website this week called Drink Pie. They sell apple pie and cherry pie flavored liqueurs. You can’t buy them off the website, but you can click on the map to find out where to buy them close to you. I will put a dash of Apple Pie liqueur in my hot apple cider to spice it up a little and create a real Warm Apple Pie Cocktail.

If you can’t get the Apple Pie Liqueur where you live, you can make your own spiked apple cider. It’s not that hard, and it will only take about 15 minutes. You’ll need apple cider, apple juice, sugar, cinnamon sticks and Everclear alcohol. You can get the exact recipe at Apple Pie Liquor. My mouth is watering right now just thinking about it! I can’t wait to make the biscotti. I hope you try this Warm Apple Pie Cocktail too! If you create your own flavor, please come back and share it with us.

Apple Pie Cocktail – It’s Cupcake Project’s Recipe With A Twist

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Image Credits: [Cupcake Project] [Drink Pie] [Flickr]