Countries You Need To Visit In Southeast Asia

Southeast Asia is a great place to visit. A natural mixing pot of different cultures and people, the different countries provide very distinct experiences despite being so closely clumped together. Changing borders is clear and evident, and you will undoubtedly get a different feel every time you change locales.

Traveling is a great way to broaden your learning and understanding and help you grow while creating lifelong memories. If you are wondering where to start, or what places you need to include on your travel list, here are some of the countries in Southeast Asia that you need to visit.

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Thailand is adequate if you like water and sand on vacation. Known also as the Land of Smiles, there are many things to experience, enjoy, and fall in love with Thailand. These experiences vary and range from the foods, the beaches, and islands, the temples, nature, and people. You can have very different travel memories depending on your mood or desires, from calm and peaceful getaways to the bustling and exciting parties and nightlife.

It is recommended by many travelers to learn the local language beforehand, as it has been noted in that this is a great way to enhance your overall travel experience. This is beneficial as having basic communication skills in the local language will help you better understand the culture around you in addition to being able to talk and ask questions to the different locals.

The Philippines

The Philippines is home to over 7000 different islands, many of which provide beautiful views along the sandy beaches. The water is among some of the clearest you will find and perfect for the hot sunny days. The city also provides a great place to enjoy Spanish, American, and traditional influence spread across the different bars and restaurants that offer their amazing local cuisine, as well as many sources to shop for those with that inclination.

It is also unique not just because of their gorgeous beaches and clear waters, but also the friendliness of their people. There is a humbleness to their people that gives off a certain passion and appreciation for life.


This is a tiny tropical island nation that mixes different cultures that provide a great variety of choices for foodies. Their landscape and urban skyline is unique to other places and will give any architecture enthusiast something to remember. The views are like no other and are perfect for those that love urban photography with futuristic vibes. There are many surprises for those willing to explore.


A great mixture of island beaches and busy cities, Indonesia provides an experience perfect for any tourist no matter what their personality is. Bali is the most common place to visit in terms of tourism, but this is for good reason. It is beautiful regardless of the crowds. Your breath will be taken away by the luscious backdrop of the rice fields, volcanoes, and forests. It is a great place to hike if you are an active traveler and like to get away from the city from time to time as well. The food is as delicious as it is cheap.


There is something about the urban grind of Vietnam that separates itself from other countries and cities around the world. The number of motorbikes that fill the streets are something to take in as you traverse the urban landscape, while the islands provide a getaway for those that want a calmer more natural background scene for their travel adventures.

Of course, you cannot forget the food unique in Vietnam, all of which you will be able to try if your stomach is willing. It is one of the most inexpensive places to visit so your experiences are only limited to your own curiosity,


Malaysia is a country that is home to some amazing national parks and rainforests that host lots of wildlife and natural scenery make it the perfect country to fill your trekking desires. Their cities are urbanized with lots of modern architecture and boast multicultural restaurants that provide a unique culinary experience. There are many islands and beaches to visit, but the abundance of animals you will spot through your travels in these places will make it a special visit.

Traveling is a great way to learn about new places and people and help you realize the world is much bigger than you can imagine. These memories that you create traveling will be worth more than any material possession and you owe it to yourself, as well as share it with others, to broaden your mind with these new experiences.

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