Sitting has never been cooler | Lounge Furniture by Antidiva

I am a huge fan of stylish furniture and when it comes to truly awesome stuff, there is no telling how excited I can get. To have a nice working environment is crucial and is a key factor for good content and inspiration. There’s nothing worse than sitting around in a bunker with nothing to get inspired by. Both at my home office and in the studio I have done my very best to set things up as visually inspiring as I possibly can within a certain budget.

But, with an unlimited budget, you can do so much more than just go to IKEA and get whatever everyone else has in their home or office. Spending that little extra on the interior could potentially bring you to heights of inspiration that you’ve never experienced before. That’s why you should always keep your eyes open and look for what inspires you. Before you know it, you will stumble over a nice piece that is perfect for your working environment and maybe, just maybe, it will be within your spending budget as well.

When I saw these couple of furniture pieces from (the coolest name yet) Antidiva I was just amazed about their simplicity, yet the design was just over the top. As explained by many others, it’s like you’re sitting in a Batmobile. The purity of the lines and the comfortable look of them is just to die for. However, I am sure a little caution is to be advised when it comes to the rocking chair. There will be no jumping to sit in that one I guess. It will most like propelling you to the other side of the room making you the next piece of biological artwork on the wall you will slam into.

Pricing? Well, you just have to contact Antidiva and ask them. I am sure they are quite expensive. However, the visual profile they represent is priceless so you have to decide for yourself whether it is within your price range. They have tons of sofas, armchairs and relaxation furniture and I would just like to get them all. Maybe Antidiva is something for the future office of Bit Rebels. Who knows…

For more information and for a broader collection, check out the awesome furniture on Antidiva’s own website.

Antidiva Furniture - 1

Antidiva Furniture - 2

Antidiva Furniture - 3

Antidiva Furniture - 4

Antidiva Furniture - 5