Your Daily Cute: The Adorable Puppy With Bionic Front Legs

These days it seems like we are constantly reading and writing stories about how 3D printing and technology in general are changing lives for the better. It’s a completely different world now than it was even just five or six years ago, and at the rate we’re going, soon anything will be possible with the use of the right technology. This story is a little different though. It’s more about how one little life was changed the old-fashioned way, and it’s definitely our daily cute.

This precious puppy, appropriately named Hope, was born without any front legs. That didn’t seem to bother her though since she was hopping around and having fun even without them. Now Hope has front legs, and I’m sure they make her feel bionic. As you see in these daily cute pictures, she has some wheels. Those wheels came off a model airplane.

Orthotist David Tumbill created these front legs for her. He attached what Hope now uses as her shoulder joints to the mini-airplane wheels. It took the tiny pup a while to learn how to use her new front legs, and at first, she would mostly just tip over. But that has all changed now. Now she can pivot and turn like nobody’s business, and she is unstoppable.

Even though I just read about this for the first time today, it was apparently a popular new story several years ago. David Tumbill said he would have to make Hope a new pair of front legs after she grew bigger. I’m sure that has taken place by now, and I wish someone would do a follow up story about how she is getting along now. I would love to read an update. Hopefully she is with a family who loves her dearly. She’s definitely the daily cute for us today here on Bit Rebels.

Meet The Puppy Named Hope – Your Daily Cute




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