The Only 12 ½ Writing Rules You’ll Ever Need [Chart]

It seems like everyone is a writer these days, and there are more blogs online than ever. It’s always fun to click over to the stats page on to see exactly how many WordPress blogs there are. As of today there are 59,146,948. Over 398 million people read more than 3.7 billion pages on WordPress blogs each month. I would say those numbers point to the fact that we have evolved into a society of writers. Whether you are a blog writer or a book writer, you probably follow a set of writing rules even if you don’t realize it.

In your mind, you know what your goals and objectives are for your own writing, and you attempt to follow some sort of guideline you’ve created for yourself, right? If you have maintained any kind of consistency, that’s most likely the case. What writing rules do you follow?

When I first started thinking about this, I thought we don’t really have any writing rules here at Bit Rebels. We just try our best to stay as creative as possible and write as much as we can. But after I thought about it more, I realized we do have writing rules after all. We try to follow English grammar rules as best we can, and we also set deadlines for ourselves. We publish six articles every day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We take our writing frequency very seriously, so I suppose we do have rules after all.

I found this little poster called The Only 12 ½ Writing Rules You’ll Ever Need, and I thought it was really inspiring. Regardless of what kind of writing you do, in the end, writing is writing and we all have to find our writing inspiration from somewhere. It’s funny because when I read number 9, I replaced the part about the pen and notebook with “Always carry your iPhone. Always keep your writing apps updated.” Enjoy!

What Writing Rules Help You With Your Own Writing?

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