Dancing Flight Attendants Wow Passengers!

I really like to travel! I enjoy visiting other countries and learning about other people’s culture and traditions. Of course, when we travel, one of the best ways to get there is by airplane. When I board a plane, the first thing I do is buckle my seat belt and then read a magazine. I never really pay much attention to the flight attendants that demonstrate the safety features and procedures before the plane takes off.

Most of the demonstrations that we see now are by video with a voice over announcing the step by step procedures that we need to follow in case of an emergency. If you have traveled on a plane a lot, you probably already have the safety procedures memorized by now. I found a video that has gone viral based on the fact that it already reached over 1.8 million page views (at time of post) after only one day of being uploaded. It showcases the flight attendants of Cebu Pacific dancing to the tune of Lady Gaga’s catchy song “Just Dance!” It is pretty cool. I would have probably done the same thing and taken a video of the performance! I think it was a great way to catch the attention of everyone on board that flight!