Design Ideas For Your High School Graduation Cards

A high school graduation only happens once in your life. In fact, it’s one of the first big milestones you get to celebrate as you enter adulthood. So, why not share the moment with everyone you love? Graduation announcements serve the purpose of showing off your accomplishment and sharing your next steps.

Graduation ceremonies typically have limited attendance, and families are only provided a specific number of tickets. The best way to make your friends and family feel like they’re celebrating along with you is to send them a graduation card. Here are a few design ideas for your high school graduation card.

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Show Off Your Senior Photoshoot

The Multi-Photo Vertical Grad from Mixbook is a high school graduation card design that can feature three images. Choose custom photos from your senior photoshoot or any that have been taken from your graduation day. Mixbook makes designing your graduation cards easy by allowing you to customize every aspect of the card.

You can pick from a number of layouts, add custom foil text, and choose a classic design or a funny graduation card, and envelopes are included. The platform makes the design process easy and seamless, so you can create the perfect card for your big milestone!

Highlight Your Graduation Year

If you want to commemorate the year you graduated in a big way, you can choose the Grad Year Typography card. This card is split in half, with the left side showing off the big, bold text of the graduation year. Underneath the graduation year are the graduate’s name and the school. Feel free to customize the colors and the font. The right side of the card is where you can add your favorite photo of yourself. Overall, this card design is seamless and really highlights the good news!

Choose Playful Designs

Don’t be afraid to incorporate some color! Because it’s a graduation announcement, you might be under the impression that it needs to be formal. But it’s completely up to you! After all, you are a special graduate, and this is a great way to show off your personality. There are a few designs on Mixbook that are playful and fun yet still align with your personal style. Check out the Sunburst card for a gold foil burst of sun highlighting two of your chosen photos.

The Abstract Painted card shows colorful paint strokes on one half of the card. And the Graduate Floral Frame card includes a flower pattern with your chosen photo in a frame right in the center! A lot of these offer the option to use custom foil, which comes in silver, gold, and rose gold.

Make Your Accomplishments Known

If you’re looking to keep things simple but make it known that you’ve graduated, the Square Bold card is a great option. The design overlays text saying “GRADUATE” on top of your chosen photo. So, if you’re not quite fond of having a lot of attention on a photo of yourself, then this is a great option for a graduation announcement. The text is the main focal point, but it still incorporates a photo of you. Since the text is front and center and the photo is behind the text, your accomplishment is the primary focus.

Graduating high school is a huge milestone, and sending the perfect graduation announcements is easier with all of the customization options that Mixbook offers. Celebrate life’s biggest moments with their website. From graduations to weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, you’ll find different keepsakes that are unique to your special event or occasion. There are photo books, cards, calendars, and home decor that you can customize. Your graduation announcement is just the first of many accomplishments in life.

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