Detroit – Fighting For The Community – Both Online And Off

Detroit is one of the America’s oldest and greatest cities, and yet, in recent decades it is beyond dispute that Detroit has “fallen on hard times”. In fact, more than one recent study has identified Detroit as containing the densest concentration of human poverty of all major U.S. metropolitan areas.

But one Detroit native, a Mr. Steve Barone, is doing all he can to stand up and fight for his community. And he is doing it in two significant ways: through a charity, he founded called DART and through a cyber security firm named CBI.

Community Outreach Through Local Volunteers

[pullquote]DART (Detroit Area Rescue Team), is the charitable brainchild of a lifelong Detroit-area resident whose Detroit-based cyber security company has “made it big”.[/pullquote] Strongly believing in giving back to the community he has always called home, Steve Barone founded DART as a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to seeking out and helping those in need.

DART brings Detroit’s poor much-needed clothes, food, housing, and financial assistance. And its stated goal is to focus on helping those who somehow fell through the holes in the safety net, those who have received little to no help at all.

Many who work for Steve Barone at CBI also donate their time as volunteer workers with DART, and CBI clients are also known to chip in and do their part. The total impact of DART is hard to estimate, but over the years, it has certainly been substantial, targeting unmet community needs like a dart that hits the bull’s eye.

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Protecting Detroit’s Online Community

While fighting poverty and fighting online security threats may seem worlds apart, they have at least one connection: both are done in the best interests of a community (one only happens to be online).

CBI has an office in Detroit, MI, but clearly, their war against cyber attacks is worldwide. To better understand the nature of the threat, consider these key cyber security statistics:

  • “Cybercriminals” are expected to cost the world some six trillion dollars per year by 2021.
  • Cyber security spending will already top one trillion dollars annually by the end of 2017.
  • Ransomware attacks alone will be over five billion dollars in 2017, fifteen times what they were only two years ago.
  • Healthcare data, some of the most sensitive of all digitally stored information, is one of the prime targets of modern cyber attacks.

How does CBI meet this challenge? In general, by providing both proactive and reactive solutions through managed cyber security services. More concretely, here are four specific managed services that CBI offers:

  1. Symantec Endpoint Protection: Carefully managing and monitoring all endpoint devices is the first line of defense against cyber attacks and internal data compromise. CBI cuts the costs while providing top-tier protection.
  2. Data Loss Prevention: CBI focuses here on creating data policies and monitoring incidents so as to catch/prevent data loss, and also on fine-tuning the system to eliminate disruptive false positives.
  3. Firewall Management: By monitoring, maintaining, and analyzing your firewalls, CBI’s team of IT experts help prevent unauthorized persons from accessing important data.
  4. SIEM: It’s not enough to simply install SIEM (security information & event management) software and then just leave it unattended. That’s why CBI managed services include real-time SIEM monitoring/analysis of network-generated security alerts. And, unlike some other cyber security companies, CBI lets you keep your SIEM and your data on-site.


In two very significant and very different ways, one man from Detroit (with the help of volunteers, staff, and others) is making a big difference for his community. No matter if it’s those online or those below the poverty line, the goal is the same – helping real people overcome real problems.

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Detroit – Fighting For The Community – Both Online And Off

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