Did Anxiety Get You Down? – How To Relax Body And Mind With The Help Of Kratom

One out of six people suffers mental health problems like stress and anxiety. Therefore, people use kratom to self-treat these problems. While there is little evidence that specific kratom strains help relieve these symptoms, further study is required. However, should you choose to use kratom as a depression and anxiety treatment, use it carefully.

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How Does Kratom Work For Depression And Anxiety?

Kratom has an active component known as Mitragynine. It relieves pain by binding to opioid brain receptors. This process could be responsible for the antidepressant and anti-anxiety benefits observed by certain kratom users.

According to a 2017 review, some users reported that kratom relieves anxiety and improves mood. Kratom is also said to have sedative effects if taken in higher doses. Researchers are still investigating if the sedation effect can interfere with its potential advantages. Kratom has other health advantages, including:

  • Relieving muscle pains
  • Treating post-traumatic disorder
  • Control high blood pressure
  • Relieve fatigue

What Are The Best Kratom Strains For Anxiety And Relaxation?

There are many kratom strains available in the market. The names of these strains are according to their place of origin. They all have different benefits, but the strain a person chooses heavily depends on other additional effects of depression and anxiety treatment. It’s also important to mention that the effects of a specific strain differ from one seller to another.

Nevertheless, the best kratom strain for anxiety and relaxation are as discussed below:

Red Bali

Red Bali is an Indonesian kratom strain that is one of the top sellers in the market. This strain is well-known for its great potency and is reasonably priced.

Green Malay

Green Malay Kratom originates from Malaysia, as the name implies. This strain calms the mind and also provides a powerful euphoria and an energy boost.

White Thai

White Thai is a great strain choice for individuals suffering from anxiety and depression. It is more stimulating than other strains.

Other strains that treat anxiety and depression include:

  • Red Maeng Da
  • Gold Bali
  • Red Borneo
  • Green Maeng Da

These kratom strains can be consumed differently, including capsules, tablets, gum, extracts, and tinctures. Kratom leaves are sometimes eaten fresh or cooked and served as tea. Some people also smoke kratom or vaporize it, although it is not common. Some also dry the leaves and crush them into powder form.

People who are not fond of the Kratom powder or extracts prefer the kratom capsule since they will not feel the bitter kratom taste. Bali Kratom Capsule, Red vein Borneo Capsules, and Maeng Da Thai Capsules are the most common kratom capsules for sale.

Kratom Helps To Manage Factors That Affect The Quality Of Sleep

Lack of sleep is closely related to some health problems such as hypertension, diabetes, depression, etc. Poor sleep quality has many effects on an individual, such as headaches, tiredness, and irritability.

There are synthetic medicines that can help you improve the quality of your sleep, but they have side effects such as headaches, nausea, lack of appetite, and constipation. As a result, many people prefer natural remedies like kratom to improve their quality of sleep.

Kratom manages sleep quality factors, such as stress, physical pain, muscle tension, and anxiety.

How Long Do The Effects Last?

The effects of taking kratom vary depending on the dose. Lower dosages have energizing effects, while higher doses have sedative and palliative effects. The type of kratom used also determines its effects.

However, kratom generally takes five to ten minutes to work. Sometimes, the time it takes depends on the method of ingestion. It takes around 30-45 minutes to feel the effects of capsules since the stomach must break down the capsule first.

Are Dosage Guidelines Available?

Kratom dosage depends on many factors including age, sex, and health status. The method of ingestion also greatly determines its effects. For instance, for some people, kratom extract is more potent than kratom powder. It is also advisable to start with a lower dosage if you are not sure and observe the effects first before increasing the dosage.

Final Words

Kratom is a natural and effective stress and anxiety reliever. It also helps improve the quality of sleep. If you’re considering using kratom to treat depression and anxiety, first understand how it works or seek professional help.

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