The Digital Compensation Claim Guide – A Piece Of Technology In Personal Injury Claims

One of the significant problems in determining personal injury compensation is the determination of the compensation (Dutch: smartengeld). This damage cannot be valued in money. In reality, therefore, it turns out to be very difficult to determine the correct amount for compensation. However, this is a lot easier with a piece of new online technology, the digital compensation claim guide!

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What Is Personal Injury?

Personal injury is compensation for damage after, for example, a traffic accident, an industrial accident, or a dog bite. After all, injuries can occur after such an event. Most damages after an accident can be valued in money, for example, medical costs, travel costs, and damage due to disability. They are material damages.

In addition to material damage, there is also compensation for the damage that cannot be valued in money, the intangible damage. This loss is better known as grief money. This includes compensation for pain, grief, and psychological complaints.

The Online Compensation Claim Tool

The major problem in determining personal injury compensation is determining the amount of compensation. This is done by comparing a specific personal injury case with past cases handed down by judges.

However, this comparison is challenging. Because each compensation claim is unique. For example, compensation damage from a young person is different from an older person, even though they were both hit by a bicycle.

The ANWB developed a way to determine compensation for grief. Until a few years ago, they collected all statements about compensation claims in a book, the Compensation claim guide. A few years ago, however, an online tool for determining the compensation was developed, the Online Compensation Claim Guide.

The significant advantage of the online Compensation Claim Guide is that you can enter variables, for example, gender, age, type of injury, and severity of the damage. The tool then selects the items that best match the search based on the search term! The consequence of the online compensation tool is that the amount of money can now be determined even more precisely.


A child gets bitten in the face by a dog. This dog bite (Dutch: hondenbeet) has caused facial disfigurement. The young boy also suffers from pain in his face and needs the help of a psychologist because psychological complaints have arisen. In the past, one could only search for dog bites. For example, the personal injury victim in the example was compared to an adult person who had been bitten in the leg.

However, the new online tool makes it possible to search much more specifically by age, type, and severity of the injury. The boy in the example is now compared to someone of the same age to determine the damage. It provides a much more realistic amount of compensation award.

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