Discover Your Ancestry: What Species Did You Evolve From? [Flowchart]

People are all so different. You only have to take a quick look at your Twitter or Facebook to know what I’m talking about. I sometimes read things that don’t make much sense to me, but then I appreciate how different everyone is. If we all had the same personalities online, it would be a boring place to hang out. Just humor me and consider that the reason we are all different is because we’ve evolved from different species. Find out your ancestry by checking out this flowchart.

This flowchart called What Species Did You Evolve From is “A Darwinian guide to discovering your true ancestry,” and it’s by Matt Chase. Put all beliefs aside, and giggle for a moment about what animal you might have evolved from. It’s a humorous chart that will give you a nice three or four minute mental break from work day today.

If you want to take the challenge and discover your ancestry, just start at the beginning and choose what your favorite thing to do is. You can choose from running, eating or swimming. Once you’ve chosen that, you’ll be on your journey to finding out what species you evolved from. And that’s not all…

Once you are able to figure out your ancestry and which animal you evolved from, you’ll see a little genome next to the name. You can then consult the Genome Key (in the upper left corner) to find out even more about yourself. Like, for example, maybe you are a brainiac or a flirt. I don’t know what inspired Matt Chase to create such a chart, but if you’re wondering if the results are accurate, they are, sort of. According to Behance, “all evolutionary results are guaranteed through one ice age or six millennia.”

Discover Your Ancestry

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Via: [Design Taxi]