1,000 Articles and Yet There Is More…

It took 529 days for me to write 1,000 articles. Anyone with a sense for math knows that’s roughly 2 articles a day, every day. And that’s pretty much what we do over here at Bit Rebels, and we do this because we love it. The sharing of geeky awesomeness is what keeps us motivated and inspired. I can’t tell you how many times we have laughed at each others articles and tried to match their awesomeness with something even more awesome. It’s the spine of Bit Rebels, and it is what makes it such a unique place to visit on the Internet.

Writing 1,000 articles has had its inspiring days, boring days and also those days when you just wanted to drop the “pen” and never pick it up again. However, the urge to further share the increasing madness of the world is just too big. I am sure I speak for both Diana and Misty when I say that we wouldn’t want to leave this job for anything. It’s simply what we love to do.

However, you don’t write 1,000 articles just by pure determination. It takes a setup of role models that keep inspiring you and also a bit of sheer stupidity to be honest. First off I would like to tell my co-workers, Misty and Diana, that you both truly inspire me every single day. It’s like our brain cells work on the same accord, and when one of us gets out of sync the others are quick to tune that one right in again. It’s truly been a pleasure, and I am looking forward to another 1,000 articles with you guys, even 10,000.

There are also some people that I found have become a source of adrenaline and determination throughout these 1,000 articles, and if I may, I would like to say a few words directly to them in hopes that they will read this and know my appreciation.

Jack Dorsey – Without the brilliant invention of Twitter that you and your co-creators put together, Bit Rebels would never have been born. It’s through Twitter that we manage to share and connect with most of our readers and to keep ourselves updated on articles, publishing times and much, much more. It has become the backbone of our organization, and it continues to grow in ever aspect. Your creativity and determination to further simplify our lives are respected and appreciated by not only me, but millions of people around the world. Thank you!

Alyssa Milano – The impact you have had on everyone on Bit Rebels is never forgotten. Your continued determination to help, care and support the most dire causes around the world has truly inspired us to open our eyes and see that there is still hope and that with what seems like little effort actually makes a huge change. Again, you are not only a huge inspiration to me, but also to millions of people around the world. With the tireless spirit we have seen in you, we have made it a mission to pick up charity work for 2011 and make a change, no matter how small it may seem. Thank you for being such a force in a world where spirits like yours are hard to come by.

Pete Cashmore – The brilliant work you do has inspired me from day one. The true value of your work is not only seen when you look at the vastness of people that flood to social networking news sites like Mashable, but also in the story of a guy who started out in a small Scottish town and never stopped. The ever growing respect I have for you, your work, and your vision have led me to believe that anything is possible. I want to extend my most humble appreciation for enabling me to tap into that story and get inspired. Thank You!

Gary Vaynerchuck – Here’s where everything started. I was flipping through videos on YouTube and came across your Web 2.0 speech. Like so many people, I was glued to the screen while listening to your energy kick out a look of what the Internet was about to become. Right at that instant, I knew exactly what I had to do. From that day on, I haven’t stopped. That was approximately two years ago. The energy you project through not only your persona, but through your brand, is a true inspiration to many people, including me. I know you know all of this already, but I don’t mind for a second telling you again. You are, and will always be, a huge inspiration to me. Thank you!

Calvin Lee – Your tutoring from the very beginning when I joined Twitter has led to many wonderful connections, and I value you among the very best. We were a select few in a group that became the core of a special bond that still stands strong today. The effortless and continuous tweeting you showcased, and still do, truly made a Twitter addict out of me and I have never regretted it since. You keep inspiring me (even though I don’t use foursquare) to always find new and better ways to reach out and to connect with new and exciting people. To me (and many many more) you will always be the Ninja Twitter King. Thank you!

There are so many people that continuously inspire me to keep writing and sharing, and if I had the time, I would mention every single one of you. It is my hope that you all know who you are and know that I am always eager to hear from you and talk to you. I know I am not always the most approachable of tweeps, and that I sometimes come across a little reserved, but that is only because of the sheer load of work that has mounted itself in front of me since Bit Rebels was created. Always know though that I love hearing from you and value your opinion and thoughts.

Sharing is caring, so with this, I would like to lift the tireless efforts of each of the above towards charity and ask you to give at least your time to check out the wonderful and life changing efforts of our favored charity: Charity Water. We have many times covered the importance of clean drinking water, and if we all at least acquire the knowledge, there is a likely chance we can make a huge difference.

It’s only fitting to wrap this up now that I have written over 1,000 words. Actions speak louder than words, so I am looking forward to connecting with every single one of you. Instead of bidding you farewell, I am eager to continue writing, sharing and learning more useless information about the world and turn it into something useful. So, I end this with the words that started it.

1,000 articles and yet there is more…