DIY Edible Cookie Bra That’s Made From A Mold Of You

There are all kinds of ways you can show your sweetie that you love him. You could even buy one of those huge cookies that we see at the mall, and then put his name on it in icing. If you want to do something cookie-related that’s a little more personal, I have an clever idea for you. How about make him an edible cookie bra that is exactly like you (since it is made from a mold of your breasts)?

I know it may sound a little wacky, but when you look at the pictures below, you might think it’s a pretty creative idea. It’s called a cookie bra, and your man will most likely appreciate it since it will probably be the only bra anyone ever gives him.

This idea was conceived by the very clever Instructables user named Mimikry, and her step-by-step tutorial is at Cookie Bra. Now you are probably wondering how you are going to get a mold of your breasts made for your edible cookie bra. Yup, you guessed it, this involved some plasterstrips which you’ll have to use to get the imprint. I’ve used plasterstrips to make other things, like hand prints, but never to get an imprint of that. It sounds cold and slimy, but interesting.

The second step is whipping up your favorite cookie dough recipe and then forming it around your plaster boobs. You can get all the other details on Instructables. This edible cookie bra looks surprisingly easy to make, and you’ll end up with a very special, personalized gift. Actually, it doesn’t get more personal than that, right? If you want to make some edible panties to accompany your edible cookie bra, you can make some by knitting Ramen noodles. You can get the tutorial for that at How To Make Edible Panties From Noodles. Wow, you put these two things together and it will be a meal he never forgets.

DIY Edible Cookie Bra That’s Made From A Mold Of Your Breasts

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