DJ vs. Live Band – Who Wins This Classic Wedding Dilemma?

While many people are conservative with the actual wedding ceremony, the wedding reception gives the bride and groom an opportunity to show off their style and do things a little differently. The question is, will you hire a DJ or wedding band?

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Pros And Cons Of Hiring A WeddingDJ

The first option couples generally consider is a DJ. There are numerous benefits of working with a wedding DJ, including:

  • Cost is the primary advantage. Depending on the experience level, when the wedding reception is being held, and how long the reception is, you can usually hire a wedding DJ for just a few hundred dollars. However, if they are well-known, they can command a price of a few thousand dollars.
  • With a DJ, you don’t have to worry about what music they can play. Just let him know ahead of time which songs you want to be incorporated into the reception, and he’ll take care of the rest. With streaming libraries, virtually any song is available.
  • The physical limitations of a reception venue often mean you only have a small area for your entertainment to set up. Thankfully, a DJ doesn’t require much space and can fit into a small corner or confined space.

DJ’s aren’t perfect, however. They tend to be less engaging than the alternative, which can make it difficult to get the party going. Most DJ’s also lack the “wow” factor, which can put a damper on an otherwise stellar reception.

Pros And Cons Of Working With A Wedding Live Band

After discussing a DJ, most couples also throw around the idea of a live band. As you would expect, there are a number of compelling reasons to go with a band:

  • If DJ’s lack the “wow” factor, live wedding bands embody it. Whereas a DJ is rarely proficient at working the crowd and drawing people in, an experienced band knows how to handle big crowds, small crowds, and every dynamic in between. The Motown Grooves – a San Antonio-based wedding band – are a great example. For more than 25 years, they’ve played a variety of events, including weddings, businesses events, holiday parties, and private gatherings. As a result, they’re able to feel out a crowd and respond accordingly.
  • A live band makes first dances more exciting and touching. They add their own unique style to the song and can play it how the couple desires.
  • Overall, bands tend to be more professional and responsive. For people who like to be in charge of the little details, being able to trust such a critically important component of the evening is a huge relief.

Live bands are fantastic, but they don’t come without some cons. For starters, they’re considerably more expensive than DJ’s. In fact, you’ll often pay a band more than five-times the fee a DJ commands. And the more people there are in the band, the more expensive it gets. Bands also have to take breaks, which can lead to awkward lulls in the reception.

Making The Right Choice

At the end of the day, there isn’t a “right” choice, per se. It all depends on your budget, desires, and expectations. Availability is also key. Many leading entertainers – DJ’s and bands alike – book well in advance, which may force you to go a different route than you had previously anticipated (if on an abbreviated timeline).

As you and your fiancé debate over which route to choose, think about the pros and cons and make a decision that satisfies your needs and goals – not the expectations of others. In doing so, you’ll have an enjoyable evening – and plenty of memories to look back on with joy.

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