Don’t Like The Taste Of CBD Oil? – Use These 5 Tips To Mask The Flavor

I remember the first time a friend introduced me to CBD oil. I had a backache, no thanks to the hectic day at work. So I decided to give his “therapy” a trial. But guess what I did after taking a tablespoon full of the content from the bottle? – I spat it out!

He screamed at me, “that CBD for back pain works like magic, why did you spit it out?” “It tastes like shit,” I responded in a low-tone. So he went into his backpack and gave me CBD Gummy instead. And after a few hours, I truly felt good again!

I know a lot of people would have missed out on the amazing therapeutic benefits of CBD oil just because of its “weird,” “piney,” “grassy,” or “strange” – as some people would call it – taste. If you’re one such person, then this guide is definitely for you!

Read on to learn about the number of ways you can mask the flavor of CBD oil so that it doesn’t taste like “earth” in your mouth again!

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Go For CBD Isolate Products

If, like me, you cannot stand the “weird” taste of CBD oil, then the first thing you want to do is run far away from full-spectrum CBD oil. Although you’d be missing out on the abundance of benefits that come with full-spectrum CBD, you’d be saving yourself from the horror of having to swallow something so “disgusting,” as some people would call it.

Full-spectrum CBD comes from the “whole CBD plant,” which hasn’t been extracted. As such, it contains various other compounds found in the hemp plant such as CBG, THC, CBDa, all of which contribute to its unfavorable taste.

CBD isolate, however, is CBD in its isolated state, meaning that all the other compounds of the CBD plant have been removed. Even though it doesn’t boast the same therapeutic benefits of the full spectrum, it tastes far better than the full spectrum.

Try The Capsules

Does it really make sense to miss out on the numerous benefits of a compound just because of how it tastes on the tongue? No, it doesn’t!

To help solve this problem, CBD oil manufacturers decided to produce CBD oil pills!

The easiest way to ensure that you enjoy the total benefits of CBD oil without having to experience its “horror taste” is to go for CBD oil pills! With the capsules, the CBD oil is enclosed within a casing so that it doesn’t touch the tongue before getting to the stomach.

The only downside with capsules is that they take longer to take effect because of the series of digestive processes they have to go through inside the human digestive system.

Be Like Me And Eat CBD Gummies

Just like I mentioned in the introductory part of this post, CBD gummies made me fall in love with CBD again after the initial weird experience I had with it.

Remember those delightful Flinstone gummy vitamins we used to eat when we were little? Well, you can think of CBD gummies as one of them.

CBD gummy makers used the same concept of Flinstone gummy vitamins to produce CBDs that taste more like candies rather than pills.

Of course, you don’t expect gummies to conceal the natural taste and aroma of CBD oil 100%, but you can expect their sweet and elegant taste to offset the annoying after-taste of CBD.

Incorporate CBD Oil With Your Favorite E-Liquid

Are you a vaper? If so, why not combine your favorite e-liquid with your “weird-tasting” CBD oil? From experience, a mix of both worlds tastes like heaven, so you can rest assured that you won’t regret it.

To get the perfect blend, ensure you’re only mixing CBD additives with your favorite e-liquid and not the oil directly. However, if you’re having difficulty doing the mixing yourself, you can buy a CBD oil blend vaporizer instead.

Drink A Cup Of Coffee

If you have a nice barrister around, you can have them make you a lovely blend of CBD coffee every morning before you head to work or in the evening when you’re back. Or better still, you can even DIY by simply adding a few drops of the oil into your early morning coffee.

Although the taste of the coffee wouldn’t mask the “weird” taste of the oil completely, the two complement each other in such a way that users would neither notice the jittery feeling coffee brings or the weird taste CBD has.

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