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Sleeping problems have spread across the USA at an enormous speed. Each morning you wake up to that groundhog day with your usual friends. Your back hurts, you feel the tension in your neck and you see that your posture adjusts to your hunched shoulders. Of course, they accompany you all day long, and they will never leave you until you decide to do something about your back health.

While right sitting and walking positions maintain your posture, when you are awake, you also need to take care of your sleeping rituals. When sleeping, you can not control your body, and it will try to fit your bedding. Your body will endeavor to balance itself between the natural pose and the one supported by your bed. In case your bed fails to do that, the three friends will inevitably visit you one day.

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I Do Not Want Them To Come

Sure, you want to live as healthy and as long as possible and omit pain from your life as much as you can. Our body and our organs undoubtedly deserve the rest that sleeping should provide. By choosing the right bed linen, such as mattresses, toppers, and pillows, you pay forward to all the parts of your body. They have worked long hours to help you achieve success, become an accomplished professional, and dream even of more to reach. The time has come for you to follow the advice below and choose the bed accessories that will only level up our sleep experience.

Healthy Sleeping 101

1. Mind The Platform That You Choose

Every time you are choosing a bed, make sure that it guarantees a balanced mix of comfort and support. Your organs should not squeeze into that bad, it should provide enough space for you to move freely. Most importantly, it should keep your spinal cord and your back in the right position. By choosing all your bed accessories from Dormeo USA, you can obtain this and even more. What else exactly?

2. Breathable And Relaxing

Your bed, more precisely the mattress and its topper, has to ensure the right air circulation. When sleeping, the temperature under the bed cover goes up, and your body releases moisture. Dormeo mattresses and toppers regulate this shift in temperature, absorbing the humidity and letting the fresh and cold air in.

3. Patented Octaspring® Aerospace Technology

Dormeo uses patented and award-winning technology called Octaspring®. It has been developed to give the springs comfort and responsiveness. These highly flexible springs help you release tension better and work on relaxing three body zones – your shoulders, your back, and your hips.

4. Easy To Use

One more advantage that Dormeo products offer is they are both hypo-allergenic and machine washable. Just imagine how wonderful it can be to both enjoy sleeping in your bed and knowing that it is highly durable and easily washable.

5. Environmentally-Friendly

Dormeo products have been designed to ensure your comfort but also take an innovative approach to introduce environmentally friendly valuable commodities. Octaspring® technology requires 50% less material and includes no metals in it. These two criteria make it a harmless product for your planet.

Your Sleep Is Your Future

You have already planned your life for five, ten, even twenty years ahead. The bad news is that your sleeping routine will affect your plans if you do not change it. The good news is that you already have all the necessary information and address to better your sleeping experience. Remember, better sleep – better future.

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