8 Tips For Feeling Awake Without Caffeine

After reading Richard’s article about latte art this morning, I started thinking about lattes. What exactly is a latte? I know I’ve never had a latte. I’ve always thought it was just a fancy cup of coffee. Now that I’ve looked into it further, I see that’s not entirely true. Although a latte has coffee in it, like Richard’s article explains, it’s also got a lot of steamed milk incorporated into it.

What about the caffeine content? According to Energy Fiend, a Starbucks Grande Caffe Latte has about 150 milligrams of caffeine. The standard cup of coffee has between 100 – 150 milligrams of caffeine. I already drink about 4 cups of coffee each day. I wonder what adding a latte to the mix would do. Is all that caffeine bad for us?

I remember when I wrote the article called How Marijuana Affects A Spider’s Ability To Spin A Web. It was about a spider injected with certain drugs, and then he was sent off to make a web. His webs were photographed so we could see the effects of the drugs. The most interesting part of that article to me was that his web was the most messed up after getting a shot of caffeine. Sometimes it makes me wonder what that drug does to us too!

For many of us, this argument doesn’t really matter because we can’t imagine starting our day without coffee. We need that caffeine, or do we? Have you ever thought about going a whole day without caffeine? Let’s just start with the morning. How would we be able to feel alive and awake without our caffeine? Apparently it’s possible. My favorite illustrator over at Wonder How To, Yumi Sakugawa, put together this cute graphic that contains 8 tips for feeling more awake in the morning without caffeine. This is really cute, and I believe some of these things would work, but I’m not quite ready to give up my morning coffee just yet!

Feel Awake Without Caffeine

Header Image Credit: [IKO / Shutterstock]