Drink Shop & Do At The Fabulously Geeky London Teahouse

Are you longing to drink, shop, do, and make Lego bunnies? A friend took me to the charming and colorful Drink Shop & Do in London this past March, and for me, it was tea-laden love at first sight. I couldn’t stop marveling at the lovely tea setup, the fabulous food (gluten-free upon request), and the array of events and theme nights for geeky crafty types who dream of attending tattoo-themed doodle clubs (the events menu warns “just don’t tell mammy or she’ll want to have her knockers colored in, the kinky mare!”).

If doodling isn’t your thing, the Drink Shop & Do March calendar featured a “Stop Hammertime!” workshop for anyone who wanted to brush up on the official dance from MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” whilst sipping a Booty Thyme Cocktail (Bootlegger, Thyme Liqueur, Grapefruit Bitters & Sugar) followed by a Lady Marmalade (Chase Marmalade Vodka, Lillet Blanc, Orange Bitters & Rooibos Lady Tea with Lemongrass, Apple, Raspberry & Clove).

I love the idea of boozy Lego-robot-making, and I was disappointed to have missed the “Play With Clay: Prince Edition” at a time of “global clay austerity.” The clay play was described in the events calendar as an evening devoted to Prince sing-along and clay making… “so prepare to play with clay like it’s 1999.”

If you’re thinking of visiting the shop in the afternoon, you can pre-book a party to sip tea, guzzle some “Mrs. Sparkles” Canal Grando Rose Prosecco, and learn how to play the ukelele. Or perhaps you’ve been dying to embroider your panties, design yourself a garter, color your sneakers, or pimp your shades? If so, then this is the place for you. Drink Shop & Do is an intoxicating game haven and it is by far the most unique high tea experience I’ve ever had.

During our afternoon tea jaunt, my friend and I noshed under a cool retro girlie mural. We visited (and lingered in) a bathroom outfitted with framed needlepoints, and we peeked inside the shop’s lower level for events, just beyond the neon erotica sign. After we’d finished our tea and sandwiches, we drifted out, happy and full, through the shop area where we browsed “Silicon Notebook” Lego pads, hand-painted and gussied up “dishy” dishes, and Lady Gaga paper dress up dolls.

I envision returning someday to Drink Shop & Do for an evening of “Gangsta Rap Color-In,” sitting cross-legged on the floor in pigtails, scribbling gangstas in willowy pastels – a cocktail in one hand, and some glitter-encrusted bling in the other.

Drink Shop & Do At The Fabulously Geeky London Teahouse