The Office Christmas Party Drinking Guide [Infographic]

It’s that time of year again for the infamous office Christmas party at companies all over the world. I’ve definitely been to some corporate Christmas parties over the years that were wilder than any club I’d ever been to. You can always tell who feels like they “let loose” a little too much by watching who apologizes to everyone on Monday morning. If you have an office Christmas party coming up, I’d like to offer a few tips that might keep you from waking up feeling so embarrassed that you never want to go back to your office again.

First of all, remember that even though you’ll see people at the annual office Christmas party dressed better than you’ve seen them all year, it’s still not a pick-up joint. You don’t want to be “that guy” who hits on every girl you’ve worked with all year. That’s just nasty.

Next, even though you’ll be socializing with your boss and maybe other senior management, don’t open up too much about your personal life. It may seem harmless, but telling your boss about your experience when you interviewed for another company could come back to bite you in the ass down the road. Unfortunately, what happens at that party won’t stay at that party.

Most importantly, be careful about how much you drink. The last thing you want to do is become known as the “office skank” because you drank too much and told your boss you love him or started making out with someone you’ve never met before at the table.

According to this infographic called How Drunk Can You Get At Your Office Holiday Party? (by Grub Street), the amount that is appropriate to drink depends on how cool the company is and where your job falls in the corporate structure. If you are unsure about whether or not you work for a cool or uncool company, you can click over to the original article (link above) where there are some surefire ways to determine this. Most of all, have fun at the party! I know a lot of people who dread their office Christmas party each year, but with the right dress, the right date and the right attitude, you’ll probably have a great time (if you don’t get too sloshed).

The Office Christmas Party Drinking Guide


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