The Unexpected Effects Of Smartphone Use (Including Acne Breakouts)

If you are a regular reader of Bit Rebels, you know how dirty your smartphone is. I’ve written about it many times. This is especially true if you tweet in the loo, which many people do. One out of every six smartphones has fecal matter on it, and bacteria can live on your phone for up to a week. Viruses can even attach to your fingertips when you touch the screen of another person’s phone. It can also cause acne breakouts and other unexpected ailments.

The average person touches his or her smartphone 150 times a day, which could explain the seemingly uncontrollable germ farm on our screens that’s just itching to invade our bodies. According to this article on Daily Mail, acne breakouts are just the beginning. Our smartphones can also contribute to the deterioration of our eyes, squash our spines, give us saggy jowls, damage our hearing, damage our sleep cycle, cause dark circles under our eyes, and even ruin our relationships.

That seems like an awful lot of ailments caused by the beloved smartphones we all depend on to keep us plugged in every moment of every day. The way it causes acne breakouts is kind of gross. According to Gimodiva, “When you hold your phone up to your face, there is a mechanical stimulation (the pressure against the oil glands) that triggers them to produce more oil. Then, the bacteria from the screen and the heat that it gives off breeds more bacteria, mixes together and results in a blemish.”

Experts recommend that we can decrease the effects of smartphone germs by wiping down our smartphones often with a microfiber cleaning cloth. If you click over to the original article on Daily Mail (linked above), you can read about each one of these ailments and specifically how the smartphone in your life can be responsible. Nuts!

Heavy Smartphone Use Can Cause Acne Breakouts

(and other unexpected heath effects)