Engagement Ring Trends And Tips 2018

The institution of marriage has been around for centuries and still continues strongly. Added to it is the custom of the bride and groom first having an engagement ceremony where the promises and commitments of lifelong loyalty and love are exchanged. And yes, the custom of exchanging engagement rings has also remained unchanged all these years. So between marriages, engagements and engagement rings, what has changed? Nothing. Only the styles, designs and material used to make engagement rings has changed, and in fact, they change every year.

As we get ready to welcome 2019, let us see what the leading trends in engagement rings were in 2018.

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Increased Use Of Non-Round Diamonds

Traditionally, diamonds have been cut in attractive round shapes, but that has changed in recent times, and the trend continued in 2018. The earlier engagement rings usually used to be a Solitaire engagement ring with a round diamond, but the latest trends point towards some popular alternate shapes like pear, emerald cut, marquise, oval etc. Some olden cuts and designs have also made a comeback in 2018, in the form of the Old European Cut and the Mine Cut.

The Cushion cut is one more example of a cost-effective yet attractive look. The luster of a cushion cut would depend on the angles used in fashioning the cuts. The ratio of the length and width is also important, and a depth percentage of 65-72% is ideal. The correct ratio of length and width would impact the face-up size of the diamond. Quality jewelers like Diamonds-USA stock great designs with both Rounds and Non-Rounds. Picture 1 shows a Cushion diamond halo Bridal set.

Picture 1: Cushion cut Halo Bridal set

Refusal To Splurge

Diamonds were traditionally looked upon as vehicles to park wealth, and also to display one’s wealth and status. But there are many other avenues available today for owners to flaunt their wealth, like feature-laden smartphones or luxury watches. That is why buyers of engagement rings look for economic options which would look good without costing a bomb. There are many ways this is being done.

Buyers choose an arrangement of a smaller diamond at the center surrounded by a halo of even smaller diamonds, instead of going in for huge stones. The width of the metal band is often made lesser, to lower the over cost. Customers have also become more aware, so they make the efforts to find out about jewelers who are able to provide the same quality and size of the diamond at much lower prices. One such example is the Clarity Enhanced Diamond, which costs at least 30% less.

Go Vintage

Like so many other fashion trends, people are going back to vintage fashion in a big way. Many designs are based on the Art Deco style, but they also use gold and platinum alloys for the band and use a modern way of setting the stones, which provides the best of both worlds. A classic design on your engagement ring will add a strong element of elegance to your wedding and engagement ensemble. Picture 2 shows a Vintage engagement ring with a 1-carat Cushion diamond.

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