Enormous Importance Of Trees & Why We Need To Protect Them

Trees are one of, if not, the single most important things on this planet. They produce the oxygen which we breathe, they filter the air, provide homes to wildlife, store carbon, stabilize the soil, and many more things. They are the largest plants on earth and the longest living species on earth. In essence, they are critical to humans, and without them, mankind would cease to exist.

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Environmental Value

As stated, trees provide oxygen and improve the quality of the air. They provide shelter to numerous species of wildlife and they preserve the soil. As well as these things, they manage the water levels, moderate the climate, and intercept the dust particles in the air.

The far reached effects that these giants of nature provide are almost beyond measure. So, it is important to know how to protect your tree, take care of them, and to know the best time of year for tree pruning and maintenance.


Trees are the heart of complicated microenvironments. They provide food for lots of different types of animals and they create homes for many more. It is no wonder that many trees become protected because they are not just historical but pillars around which the natural world thrives.

Species such as bats, squirrels, various types of birds, and innumerable insects live within or around trees. The balance of the world’s ecosystem would be completely thrown out of kilter without them and they need to be protected.

Trees Provide Shelter

Not only do the trees provide homes for animals but they do so for us too. For thousands of years and continuing into present times, people have built their homes from trees. They are one of the most plentiful natural resources and it is a fantastically adaptable material to build with. Wood can withstand the elements and is sturdy enough to survive even the toughest storms. As long as they are cut down in a sustainable way we could potentially use them in this way forever.

Spiritual Value

Trees are a calming influence on us. They are planted in cities to help to remind us of nature within stark man-made locations. No two look alike and they bring pleasure to people of all ages for various different reasons.

When you look upon an old oak tree that is hundreds of years old you can imagine all of the things it has witnessed and it puts our lives into perspective. We are but minor specs in the grand scheme of things and are born and die in the blink of an eye in comparison.

Sometimes They Need Protection Too

Trees, like all things in life, sometimes need help. Perhaps a storm has toppled a tree and it has caused great damage to the tree itself as well as the surrounding area. In such situations, there are professional tree services who will come and remove them, realign them or cut off broken branches but we need to do more to protect them in general.

The pollution caused by humans has a detrimental effect on them and the Amazon rainforest is a poignant example of how mankind is so eager to pillage them for their financial value. If we do not change the ways in which we are living these giants of nature will dwindle and that will have grave consequences on the planet.

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