The World’s Longest Receipt (Over 3,000 Items!)

This is one of those stories that will warm your heart. The wonderful people at Store Buyout heard that Hercules, the owner of a little grocery store in New York called Hercules Fancy Grocery, was about to lose his lease and go out of business. The only way he would be able to keep his store was if he could find a way to pay his debts quickly.

To help Hercules out of his predicament, Kyle, Jody, and others from Store Buyout took a briefcase full of cash into the store and bought everything. Yup, they bought every single thing that was for sale in the store. It took Hercules over 6 hours to individually ring up each item on his cash register. The group bought over 3,000 things!

The receipt from this transaction ended up being 57.5 feet long! It is the longest receipt in the world. The exact total for everything in the store was $18,871.93. Here is where the story gets even more interesting… They are taking the items they bought and turning them into art pieces and displaying them in creative ways to resell them. This now famous receipt is encased in glass and listed for sale on Etsy. You’ll never guess how much you’ll have to pay if you want to be the proud owner of this piece of paper. You guessed it… $18,871.93!

Long Sales Receipt For Sale

Longest Sales Receipt For Sale

Longest Sales Receipt For Sale

Longest Sales Receipt For Sale

Via: [Visual News]