Every Woman’s Dream | Chocolate Shoes

You can be sure that almost every woman in the world loves two things: Chocolate and Shoes. I have written about chocolate and shoes so many times on this blog that it’s down right embarrassing.

Wouldn’t it be a woman’s dream come true to combine these two things? Now we can. Did you know that someone somewhere is creating chocolate shoes right now? Yes, it is true!

When I was a little girl, my family used to spend the weekends on the beach at Hilton Head Island. Back then, there was a candy store on the Island called “The Chocolate Plantation.” My grandmother, who lived on the Island, worked at that candy store for a while. My sisters and I would save our money and look forward to buying the chocolate there, but I remember we had to eat it immediately when we left the store because it was so hot in the summertime in South Carolina that the chocolate melted as soon as we left the air conditioning and walked outside.

According to http://www.mizozo.com, one woman in the UK (shown below) is making quite a nice living designing and creating chocolate shoes. Frances Cooley, creator of these shoes, explains, “People are wowed about them because it’s the perfect gift for a woman – chocolate and stiletto shoes put together.” I agree 100%!

I’ve compiled a delicious and seductively yummy looking collection of chocolate shoes below. I hope you enjoy drooling over these as much as I did. After all, there is only one thing in the world better than shoes, and that is… chocolate shoes. :)

Every single pair of shoes below is made out of chocolate. Hungry? Nom nom!