Everything To Know About Fire Pit Accessories

So you’re ready to install a fire pit in your backyard. Many people are expanding their backyards with upgrades, such as fire pits, swimming pools, decks, or outdoor kitchens. But selecting the perfect fire pit for your needs is only part of the equation. You’ll also want several fire pit accessories to make your gatherings around the pit more enjoyable.

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Why Purchase Fire Pit Accessories?

Now that you have purchased and installed a fire pit, the next step is to think about accessories to enhance your experience. After all, having a fire pit without a few tools and accessories will make your ‘relaxing’ around the fire more like work.

For example, after spending money on a lovely fire pit, don’t you want to shield it from rain and snow? Then it’s important to purchase a fire pit lid. Starting fires in your pit will be easier when you buy a firestarter, too.

Purchasing the appropriate accessories for your fire pit will make it all the more useful and enjoyable.

Fire Pit Lid

Protecting your fire pit from the weather is critical to make it last for years and look its best. There are a variety of carbon steel fire pit lids for sale that you will know will keep your fire pit in fantastic shape for years.

When you are not using your fire pit, the fire pit lid can serve as a small table to serve drinks or meals on.

Grilling Grate

Sure, having a fire and sitting around it with family and friends is what it’s all about. But what about cooking dinner?

Convert your fire pit into a wood BB pit in seconds with a grilling rack. However, note that the typical cast-iron grate isn’t what you want for grilling food.

It’s better to choose a stainless steel grate for cooking steaks, chicken, sausages, burgers, and more.

Tool Set

No one can go for long with a fire pit without a toolset. The look, style, and price varies, but most fire pit tool sets come with:

  • Poker
  • Shovel
  • Wire brush
  • Stand

The toolset will be outside, so remember to select one that has a weather-resistant finish.

Spark Screen

Enjoying the heat and ambiance of open flames in your pit is wonderful, but adding a spark screen will prevent potential fires in the grass, as well as protect the family.

Some spark screens come with one side that lifts up to make it easy to make smores over the fire.


Who wants to fuss with matches anymore? You can purchase a firestarter with automatic ignition. It’s a great idea because it’s cordless and you can light dozens of fires quickly.


Once the fire pit has cooled off overnight, it’s important to put your fire pit cover over it. Protecting your fire pit from the elements will prevent a mess of mushy ashes and burned firewood at the bottom of the pit after a rain shower.

The best fire pit covers are waterproof and have vents so the wind won’t send the cover into your neighbor’s yard.

Wood Rack

You can keep your firewood nearby without having an ugly pile of wood on the porch. There are all kinds of attractive firewood racks that hold plenty of wood for a week’s worth of fires.

Look for a product that is made of heavy-duty steel for the most durability.


Selecting the best fire pit accessories for your fire pit will vary based on your taste and budget. But the accessories mentioned here are the ones that most people feel are well worth the money. So, enjoy shopping for your fire pit accessories.

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