Everything You Need To Know About Workplace Laws

Our workplaces are probably the only space where we spend more time than ever. Some of us might even take the luxury of calling it their second home. We literally spend more than half of our life at our respective jobs. Therefore, the importance of making workplaces safe and filled with positivity is beyond any form of articulation.

Several laws are enforced by the Government of the respective countries when it comes to making the workplace a safe place. However, not many would know about them, and this is dangerous. Ignorance of the law does not make one immune to it. In fact, it does more harm than good.

Also, it falls within the brackets of corporate responsibility to circulate the workplace laws among all the employees by displaying it in a place accessible to everyone. With this article, we aim at raising more awareness about workplace laws and how to act if you, being an employee, see one or more of them being violated.

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Understanding The Right To Work As A Basic Human Right

The freedom to work is a fundamental human right and should not be confused with a luxury of any kind. However, it sure does feel like a privilege to several sections of the society where a few people struggle to be treated as human beings alone. However, we shall not digress from the topic in this article.

This is a debate that we shall keep shelved for now and maybe, discuss later. Coming back to the topic at hand, articles 232 and 243 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights states that working at an office or elsewhere for financial independence is a necessary human right.

Therefore, the next time someone tries to tell you otherwise or stops you from pursuing your career, you should know that it is a violation of fundamental human rights, and you must seek refuge in law if need be. Click here to find assistance in this regard.

Denying an individual their right to work is not only inhumane but must also be seen synonymous with denying someone the right to live. Only when everyone is allowed the same rights in a society, can we grow and thrive together.

Discrimination At The Workplace Is A Crime

Get this fact simple and clear. Every individual at the workplace must be treated as equals. There should not be any discrimination at the workplace on any grounds like caste, creed, sex, gender, religion, and so on. You can, again, avail the services of law if you find yourself being a victim of any prejudice at your work.

You do not have to compromise or swallow the biases against you. You can always report the action and receive the due help. However, the point is not to have to fight for your rights. The point is that people must be completely aware of the laws and not violate it. It should not come to a point where employees have to cover great lengths to work safely at their workplaces.

There Must Be No Wage Gap Based On Gender

The wage gap is as real and corporal as the man sitting idly next to you at work. While he makes money hands over fists, you might be struggling to get that hike even after working day in and day out. Contrary to popular conjecture, the wage gap still exists, and several fights are being fought to eradicate the problem from its genesis.

We might have been able to deal with it to some extent, and it is still a nagging issue playing at large. Know that your gender cannot be a criterion upon which your wage should differ from the other employees at work. The only metric for your salary must be your performance and your position in the company.

Nothing else should matter. The wage gap is sometimes treated as an indirect method of discrimination but is still discrimination. Therefore, know your right and let it be known to your employers that you are an aware employee.

Workplace Harassment Is Grave

Harassment at the workplace is a long and persistent issue. Though employers now make sure that workplaces are safe and every protocol is being followed, things might go south on several occasions, and a case of workplace harassment might be filed by an employee against another employee. Some of the instances that are regarded as workplace harassment are enlisted below-

  • Making lewd comments or gestures against a colleague
  • Untoward sexual moves and passes or indecent behavior towards an employee
  • Watching pornography within the confines of a workplace or directing it towards a co-worker
  • Bullying of any kind of behavior that makes a co-worker (co-workers) uncomfortable and unsafe

There might be several other instances that can be put together within the watertight compartments of workplace harassment. The lines are pretty thin here, which is why you must know your rights and be aware. Also, you must understand that your employer is liable and responsible for your safety.

Under any circumstance of workplace harassment, your employer must accompany you to the police station and file a complaint against the perpetrator. The complaint can be filed under the name of the organization, and the perpetrator must be fired immediately.


The points mentioned above are some of the very basic laws enforced in a workspace. You must be a responsible citizen and be aware of these laws so that none can take advantage of your ignorance. You must also understand that these laws are subjective to some extent and changes in their approach (with the structure being the same) according to the countries.

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