How To Have An Out Of This World Experience On Your Next Biking Tour

Are you tired of sitting at home doing nothing? Is your precious touring bike rusting away in the garage because you’re clueless about where to head next? Are you reminiscing about the good old days you spent doing bicycle camping and off-road racing, but now you want to try something new and unique?

Bike tours are perfect for the adventurer living inside you. You get to be in new places, meet new faces, go through challenges and have the most incredible time of your life.

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Why Bike Tours Could Be Your Next Adventurous Gig

Bike tours are great if you want to meet new people and explore new places with your touring bike. Sharing food with them, talking about bikes and all of your experiences with them, and taking amazing photographs will make you feel magical. Bike tours are easier than taking bus routes or long road trips, so traveling is made cheap thanks to the touring bike you have. Bikes can go where your car cannot, giving you access to more places. You might as well encounter undiscovered territories or unknown places and make a name for yourself!

It might sound enchanting, but you should realize that a bike tour will require a fit body and great stamina, along with a strong determination to move ahead. If you’re up for it, leave all your worries behind, grab your bike and arrange your accessories for the most amazing backroads bike tour experience possible.

Backroads Biking Tours In Arizona – Home To The Roadrunners

The beauty of Arizona is in its wine county, Sonoita, which is about 5000 feet high above the sea level. You can bike through grasslands and vineyard alleys and even experience tasting Italian wine! Visit Patagonia, a lost mining town, and bike through the riverside. Stop by at Tumacacori, which is a national historic monument. Explore the art galleries nearby and then head to the desert, where you might encounter roadrunners racing against your bike.

The Saguaro National Park is home to cactuses not found anywhere else on the planet. You can even see some horse ranches at the Catalina Mountains. This journey will take you around four days. You can even reward yourself with a fifth day by exploring the Arizona- Sonora Desert Museum and climb through the scenic Gates Pass trail in the Tucson Mountains. Finally, you can bike through the Tortolita Mountains.

Bike Touring In Hawaii

If you want to travel through rainforests and plantations or check out the dolphins at Kealakekua Bay, you should head to Hawaii for your next bicycle adventure. Through biking beside the ocean side you can head out to the Pu’uhonua o Honaunau National Historical Park. You can also bike downhill on the Punaluu Beach which lies at a 4000-feet altitude. With your bike, you can even explore the volcano village, the crater and the Kaʻū Desert as well, which is home to some birds indigenous to this place. For more sightseeing opportunities head to the paniolo country to see some cattle ranches. On the sixth day, you can take part in the Kona Ironman Triathlon and bike along the Kohala coast.

Touring Across California – From Deserts To Vineyards!

If you want to cover the entire state of California, you surely can. You’ll just need to contact some backroads bike tour groups willing to cover all the different locales in California. There are six available routes, each lasting for four to seven days.

  1. Start off with biking on the infamous 17-mile route and through the Santa Ynez Valley
  2. Cycle through the Napa Valley and at the end of the tour you can have a wine tasting at the Dry Creek and Alexander Valleys
  3. Start from the lowest point of the United States, that is, Salt Playa and finish it at the Golden Canyon (Star Wars anyone?)
  4. Pedal through the Santa Barbara beaches and after a few days, you will get to relax in the Ojai village.
  5. Take a short 3-day trip, starting from the Armstrong Redwoods State Reserve to Geyserville, a town full with hot springs.

There are other states where the Backroads tour groups often head to. These are less known but you’ll wish that you could join these tours. Although these tours are not as popular as the ones in Hawaii, California, and Arizona, they are just as amazing. Bike enthusiasts from all over the world come to take part in these tours and if you’re truly passionate about traveling, you don’t want to miss these opportunities.

Maine: A 5-day biking tour starting from the Mount Desert Island to the Camden Harbor is the package available for this state.

Massachusetts: A biking tour of five days that starts from the Nantucket Town to the Vineyard Haven across the Atlantic Ocean.

San Juan: This six-day trip begins at the La Conner town and ends in a rider pedaling along the roads in the Lopez Island.

New York: Plan a bike tour around the Hudson Valley that’ll take around five days.

North and South Carolina: You can cover both states in just five days, starting from the Swamp Rabbit Trail and ending at Biltmore Forest.

Oregon: This package includes a 6-day tour from the Crater Lake National Park to the very famous Mckenzie Pass, a favorite place among bikers.  

Utah: Experience the stone cliffs of Snow Canyon and end your 6-day tour at the Zion Canyon.

Montana: If you’re looking for a chilly cold biking experience, head to Lake Mcdonald, formed from the ancient glaciers. This 6-day tour package ends with sightseeing around the Flathead River.

Backroads bike tours are incredibly fun and they have won the approval of bikers from all over the world. Not just in the United States, these tours are also held in other countries. However, your bicycle adventures shouldn’t be limited to these places only. You should explore more places, solo or in a group and plan your own hangouts and tours more often. Pack the necessary gears and accessories and while riding, prioritize safety above everything else.

Author Bio: Iffat Ara Sharmeen is an avid content writer working for SEOPage1 and also a budding biochemist. She traveled to many different countries and currently lives in Dhaka, where she spends her free time binging on Netflix and black forest chocolate cakes. Facebook, LinkedIn

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