Wonder Bread Sculptures: Famous Faces Meticulously Molded From Bread

Here in North America, Wonder bread is known as the softest, most delicious white bread ever, at least where I live. It seems over the years, it’s so soft that people have used it for things other than making sandwiches. A few years ago, I wrote about an artist who embroidered Wonder Bread into artwork. Since the shelf life of Wonder bread is about the same as a Twinkie, it’s the perfect medium for moldable art. What you see below are famous faces created from Wonder bread.

I’ve mushed Wonder bread into little balls before, so it makes sense to me that artist Milena Korolczuk would take it one step further and make pop culture and historical faces from it. As you can see in the photographs below, she uses several pieces of bread to make each one. Whether it’s hair, eyes, ears, cheekbones, noses or whatever, each ball of Wonder bread looks surprisingly like the famous face it’s supposed to represent.

It’s a little sad that the crusts of the bread don’t make the final cut (I think the crust is the best part). Also, as you see, it’s a very messy job. It kind of makes you wonder what all the crumbs from bread could make too, right? If I remember right, a few years ago we featured an artist that created artwork from her breakfast breadcrumbs.

If you are a fan of Wonder bread, maybe these sculptures will inspire you to mold a few sculptures next time you are eating a sandwich. This is such a great example of how you can create art from anything, even if you don’t have traditional art supplies anywhere in sight. It’s so creative and fun to look at. I hope you enjoy these as much as I did!

Meticulously Molded Soft Wonder Bread

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Andy Warhol




Walt Disney

Claude Lévi-Strauss

Vladimir Lenin

Via: [My Modern Met] [This Is Colossal]