Expert Pest Control Tips for Keeping Your Kitchen Free of Creepy Crawlies

If you want to keep pests out of your kitchen (and we’re not talking about your children trying swab a finger of cookie mix either), then you should have a read of this expert pest control advice that we have put together for you and follow the simple pest control tips for keeping your kitchen free of creepy crawlies! We love spending time in our kitchen. It’s a great place to escape for a little while, to play some music and to get our cook on.

Preparing food for friends and family is a pleasure, but something that can be easily ruined with some unwanted pesky invaders. If you want to be able to cook freely and to enjoy a clean kitchen, and you don’t want any pests making their way in, then here are a few things that you should remember:

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1. Keep Leftovers And Ingredients In Tightly Sealed Containers

You can blame a cockroach for getting at your food if you’re leaving it around carelessly on display. The most effective way of keeping pests away is by sealing everything away appropriately. Pests can easily burrow through cardboard boxes, so opt for Tupperware or sealed jars instead.

2. Ensure That Your Sink Is Clean And Empty Before You Go To Bed

OK, so we know that this isn’t always easy to do, particularly if you live in a large house with a big family. However, you should always endeavor to keep your sink clean and free of dishes. The best way to approach this is to implement a house rule where dishes must be cleaned and tucked away immediately after use. It can be tricky to enforce, but with a bit of hard work and persistence, you should be able to succeed.

3. Use A Trash Can With A Lid And Empty Regularly

Ideally, you should empty the trash of an evening before you go to bed, however, that might be wasteful at times if the bag is only a quarter empty. However, you should opt for a quality bin with a sealed lid so that you can easily keep the pests from sniffing out your garbage and waste food.

Additionally, you can opt for composting any waste food such as meat and vegetables. This is one of the cleanest ways of getting rid of food waste without worrying about the smell. It’s also great for the environment as well!

4. Endeavour To Eat At The Table As A Family

Pests are experts when it comes to seeking out food particles and crumbs on the floor, so if you want to minimize the chances of having a pest invasion, then you need to keep the place tidy. A great way of doing this is by eating dinner as a family at the table every evening, as opposed to everyone eating separately on the couch and upstairs in their rooms.

Either way, you should regularly clean your kitchen and hoover throughout the rest of the house if you want to avoid inviting pests into your home.

5. Clean Up Leftover Food Immediately

There’s no reason to leave leftover food out. Any expert pest control company will tell you that roaches and other pests can react to leftover food a lot faster than you might think. – As such, it is better to clean up the mess and clear away food as soon as you can. Otherwise, you’re just asking for it!

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