Facts About Smoking Hemp Flower

Have you experienced the feeling of smoking CBD hemp flower at the end of a long Friday afternoon? If you have, you would know that smoking hemp buds allows you to enter a blissful state of calm and clear-headedness.

It’s like smoking weed without the high and withdrawal, and as a wonderful bonus— it brings all the benefits of our favorite cannabinoid, CBD. Keep reading to find out more about what you might really be missing out on.

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What’s The Difference Between Hemp And Marijuana?

In case you didn’t know, hemp and marijuana belong to the same species.  They are both, biologically speaking, cannabis. (However, when people say “cannabis” they are referring to marijuana, which, though clearer in its meaning, is controversial).

What differs between the two is that while marijuana has high levels of THC and low levels of CBD, hemp contains the inverse— low levels of THC and high levels of CBD.  So while weed will alter your state of consciousness, hemp smoking products are perfect for accessing that head-change you crave while still staying grounded.

Does Smoking Hemp Relax You?

After a long and stressful week, sometimes a peaceful, smokable hemp flower is just the thing you need to unwind. CBD is known to be very relaxing and hemp buds naturally contain the ideal amount to bring you into a state of serenity.  The effect will stay with you for about 4-6 hours.

Benefits Of Smoking Hemp Flower

There are several benefits that we’d like to make known. Here are the top ones:

1. Self-Care

Making sure to have time for yourself is important.  Creating a daily ritual of relaxation can work wonders in boosting your productivity and creativity.  Try out a new mindful practice and put yourself at ease with CBD hemp.

2. Immediate Effect

One of the benefits of smoking hemp is its ease of CBD absorption.  Not only is CBD highly bio-available in this form of consumption, but its effects can be felt shortly thereafter.  Try 15 minutes.  On the other hand, topical products, oils, and edibles take longer (up to 30 min or even 2 hours) for you to feel anything.

3. Fighting Addiction

Unlike nicotine and THC, you cannot get addicted to CBD.  If you are struggling with withdrawals or addiction, smoking hemp instead of tobacco or weed might be helpful for you to quit. Overcoming addiction is a long and difficult process.  Replacing your addiction with an alternative can prove a game-changer in your recovery.

4. Affordable

Unlike weed, smokable hemp won’t burn a hole in your wallet.  This means you can regularly treat yourself to a roll without worrying about the cost.

Smoking Hemp Side Effects

There are few side effects you should know about.  While the THC present in pot can cause a variety of side effects from coordination problems to memory loss to increased anxiety and the commonly experienced red eyes, side effects brought about by CBD are lesser.

Side effects you may encounter on a case-by-case basis are weight loss, fatigue, and dizziness.  To stay safe, smoke carefully, especially if you have a history of lung disease. CBD is safe even in high doses.


Smoking hemp benefits CBD lovers seeking its relaxing properties and those looking for a non-addictive smoking alternative. It allows you to bring a little chill time into your life in a way that’s effective, enjoyable, and inexpensive.

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