Strengthening Family Bonding In The Era Of Gadgets

A connected and happy family is the highest ideal of social life. It can be daunting in today’s world to raise a family that is less technology driven and more socially connected. Those gadgets and smart devices have many benefits and positive aspects as well as the negative.

The family life has been disturbed so much that everyone in the room is busy with their device and weakening the bonds and ties. The identity theft, unnecessary relations and cyberbullying have made the social life insecure. To ensure that the need of Petroske Riezenman & Meyers, P.C. is with all your heart and consent rather than with some disgust.

As technology is flagging the social ties it can also be the tool to attach all and make all united. Communication was the key ingredient for the connections. The isolation of internet generation millennial should be taken seriously and here is what you can do to foster the relations and tie up the family.

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Create A WhatsApp Chat Group

Despite the perks of technology, it has provided a few platforms that are facilitating communication. A WhatsApp family chat group keeps all in touch where everyone can share the photos, updates, and so much. It is quick and convenient. Always make it an informal, jolly and entertaining group with the relatives so you can bring them together with a little chit-chat. Ask the negative heads to stay positive in the group and do not criticise anyone and make it a place where everyone can meet even if they are busy in their lives.

Plan A Family Holiday Or Weekend

The perfect place for the family holiday or weekend is some mountain area with no disturbance of devices other than taking photos and making videos. Enjoy the wind, music and natural beauty together while sharing experiences and daily life. It is the best occasion to listen and understand each other. Family trips are best in this age of technology as they bring the entire family together. You should plan them often while keeping it low budget and also near to your location if not possible to go in the mountains.

Entertainment Plans

Remember the last time you watched a movie together? How fun it was! Plan another movie together. Try to arrange it at home. You can ask cousins to join or at least the siblings must be there. Enjoy the movie and make fun comments later. Arranging some games at the end is a plus for that meeting and enjoyment night. Allow everyone to contribute and say something to make it interacting and making the bond strong.

Share Videos With Each Other

Social media is flooded with the memes and videos that can make you laugh and there is nothing better than laughing together and making memories. If you find some funny video, share it in the WhatsApp group or with family members just showing them and enjoy the moment. As they all will make a comment on it and laugh you will feel the happiness of a connected family.

Make Fitness Plans

Finding a partner for the fitness activity is also healthy. Sometimes we lack the motivation to continue the fitness activity and need someone to encourage us to keep us moving and achieving those goals. Making fitness schedules together with the family members, kids or spouse is also good for sharing as you spend time together. The family bond for a healthy life is dual way healthy.

The Dining Time

It is appreciable if you still share the time at the dining table. If it is long time having that time of chit chat and discussions you should have a dinner plan this weekend with all the gadgets away in the rooms for some half an hour. Make it a habit and later the routine of this family time to understand and support each other.

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