The X-Ray Dress: Show Off Your Awesome Organs!

Clothes are one of the main ingredients for our survival and have been so for thousands of years. They may not have always been as fashionable as they are now (or at least so we think), but nevertheless we’ve pretty much always worn some kind of clothes to keep us warm through the rain, snow and windy days. However, with innovation comes the weird, and it seems like fashion designers want us to look odd so when aliens finally arrive on our little blue planet they will feel right at home. Watching some designers having their catwalk showcased sometimes makes me laugh more than look really. Sure, I don’t understand the medium, just like someone might find procedures like writing and producing quite odd as well, but it’s still quite entertaining sometimes.

So how about showing off your inner organs to make sure people know you’re as healthy as a newborn cell? Actually you can, kind of. Rachel Wright, an artist and designer, has created a collection that she calls “Dream Anatomy.” And I guess that’s exactly what it is. Sure, it doesn’t really show off your real organs, but it’s quite intriguing and it makes for a truly amazing effect. If people don’t look at you and your dress when you enter the room wearing this, then something is really wrong.

The cool fact about these is that they have several different dresses that show off different parts of your inner organs. What’s even more intriguing is that if you thought this was just another ploy for show then you’re wrong. Rachel actually has her own Etsy shop where you can become the proud owner of one or more of her dresses. I am sure that they will be as appreciated at the Halloween party or the cocktail party you’re invited to the week after Halloween. So depending on whether you are a skeleton person or a diaphragm person, you decide which parts of the body you want to show off to your friends and loved ones. Just don’t get sick…it wouldn’t look good on you.