When Your Finances Are The Topic Of Christmas Dinner

One of the great things about the holidays is that they bring together friends and family over good drinks and even better food. One of the worst things about the holidays is that they bring together certain friends and family members you’d rather not spend time with. It may be a neighbor, an aunt, or a third cousin. Whoever they are, there’s always one person who makes the big day difficult for everyone around them. It’s not always easy, but there are ways of dealing with this person without ruining Christmas dinner talking about finances.

If you’ve been the focus of attention before, you know nothing is off-limits. Uncle Tim has no problem asking you about your opinion on NAFTA’s fate or the treatment of Colin Kaepernick. Of course, it’s only an excuse to reveal his true feelings about the issues. Naturally, once that regretful well has run dry, he inevitably turns to your finances, asking about your student or personal loan situation, your retirement plan, and career path.

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Handle Finances & The Situation With Finesse

Finances is an awkward topic of conversation regardless of the time of year, but it’s particularly embarrassing when your dirty laundry is aired around the Christmas table. To save yourself and the rest of your family from such a fate, you need to learn how to change the subject tactfully.

Don’t let your uncle get under your skin. Once he brings up a topic you’d rather not explore over turkey, suggest changing the subject with a smile, saying it would be a boring conversation for everyone else. Follow it up by asking a neutral question to a family member you like. Whatever you do, don’t rise to the bait and let him disrupt your cheer.

Learn To Rely On Those You Can Trust

The holidays are an extravagant time of year. Once you’ve tallied up all the money you’ve spent on travel, presents, and food, you may realize that your finances are something you do need to talk about. Unfortunately, with Uncle Tim complicating everything, it’s not always easy to bring up the topic with the right people.

If you’ve realized you’ve stretched yourself too thin over the holidays, don’t corner mom or dad on the big day to talk about getting help. The holidays are expensive for everyone, and they may not have the cash, time, or patience to deal with your financial SNAFU right then and there. Address the issue but don’t get into specifics. Ask if you can talk to them about it in greater detail once the whirlwind has died down.

If time is of the essence, you may not be able to wait until the holidays are over. A sudden bill or repair may come up with a due date that needs immediate attention. In that case, you can always try broaching the subject with your family right immediately, consequences be damned, or you could check out the alternatives.

In Canada, payday loans are often an easy and quick way of solving holiday cash flow problems because you can apply with a few clicks of your mouse. Many lenders, including GoDay, offer online solutions that are far less awkward than having The Talk ™ with your folks. They also share helpful savings tips and budgeting methods for those on limited funds, so visit GoDay to learn more about your options.

Whatever You Do, Don’t Stress Out

The holidays, though expensive, are supposed to be a time of celebration. Don’t let any member of family or number in your bank account stop you from enjoying the big day. There’s always a solution, even if you aren’t aware of it just yet. Kill any conversation you don’t want to have with kindness, and stick to those you can trust when you need help. Apply these rules to the holidays, and you’ll survive any family get-together.

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