Geek Zodiac Version 2.0: The Only Horoscope To Follow

Do you follow your horoscope? I read today that 25% of Americans do, and that number seemed high to me. I remember back in January when all those false reports came out about how the stars have shifted in the sky since 2,000 years ago when the horoscope signs were created. Therefore, our horoscopes are all wrong. Since they are off by about a month, if you were once an Aquarius, now you are a Capricorn, etc…

Then, CNN came out with this article to put everyone’s mind at ease. Maybe our horoscopes didn’t change after all. Apparently there are two different zodiacs. If you follow the tropical zodiac, which most people do, then it’s based on seasons, not constellations, so nothing has changed.

Whew! That’s a big relief because I didn’t want to have to get that huge tattoo on my back changed. Since we don’t really know whom to believe on all this horoscope stuff, I have a better idea. How about if we all just follow the one horoscope that we can count on? That would be this geektastic creation made by Josh Eckert. I present to you the Geek Zodiac version 2.0. I’ve been having fun with this thing for fifteen minutes. It’s brilliant!

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