Grow A Moustache (Or Pretend To) For A Good Cause

Wow, I never knew until I looked at these pictures what a huge impact facial hair can make on a man’s appearance! By adding a moustache, he can literally go from looking like a white trash hoodlum, an old man or a weirdo into looking educated, distinguished and heroic.

Moustaches have been around for centuries. The first recorded moustaches were seen around the same time shaving with stone razors began in 300BC. Men began shaving their faces, but leaving the hair above their upper lip intact, and thus the moustache was born. A moustache can be as much a part of a man’s overall facial look as make-up is for a woman.

This eclectic collection of moustaches was created by the TBWA advertising agency in Singapore. It’s all part of a campaign to raise awareness and support for prostate cancer research. They’re encouraging men to grow a moustache this month to support this cause, and they are asking women to visit Moustaches Make A Difference and choose from one of eight computer generated moustaches to show their support. I think this is a great campaign with an unexpected twist! If I was a man, I would grow a moustache this month, even though I could imagine those prickly sharp hairs being annoying on my face.

[Image Credit: BuzzFeed]