Han Solo In Carbonite Chocolate Sugar Cookies

Yesterday Richard treated us to an article about a Han Solo In Carbonite Custom Guitar Build, and I wanted to follow that up today with another Han Solo delight, only this one tastes much sweeter. We’ve seen a lot of delicious Han Solo creations throughout the years, but this is a first for chocolate Han Solo sugar cookies. I put a big daddy picture of one below that you can click on to supersize it. Seeing it that big almost feels like actually eating it…Almost. Alright, I admit, it’s not like really eating it at all. Somebody. Please. Make a batch of these immediately.

Moogie and Pop at Moogieland created these, and if you want to make them for yourself, you can click over to Chocolate Han Solo In Carbonite Sugar Cookie to get the exact recipe. To me it looks a little complicated, so I will just be happy with looking at the pictures, but don’t let that intimidate you. One thing you will need in order to get this just right is a Han Solo in Carbonite ice cube tray from ThinkGeek. You can use that to mold the chocolate.

I also included another picture below that will put a big smiley face on all the bacon lovers who read this. That is Han Solo CandyBaronite. It’s a Han Solo made from chocolate with bacon strips in it! I’ve never had bacon and chocolate mixed together, but it sounds like a match made in heaven to me. You can read all about that one on Han Solo In CandyBaronite. I guess the moral of this story is that Han Solo (and everything from Star Wars) is tasty when combined with chocolate. If your sweet tooth still isn’t satisfied, and if you’re hungry for more, check out 10 Chocolate Star Wars Creations To Fuel Your Craving. Yummmm!

Click Han Solo Cookie To Enlarge



Below: Chocolate & Bacon Han Solo In Carbonite (CandyBaronite)

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