Here’s Why Sitting At A Bar Trumps Sitting At A Table In A Restaurant

When you walk into a restaurant, you have two choices of where to sit. At the bar or a table. Most people generally love the idea of picking a table because they feel that’s the natural thing to do. But for some – like me – the bar is always the go-to spot. People also have this impression that the high seats at the bar are reserved for those who’re familiar with the bartenders or folks who frequent the restaurant often.

But, hey, that’s far from the truth. The bar is meant for everyone. And in this post, I’m going to try and convince you that it makes more sense to sit at the bar than at a table.

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Times It Makes Sense To Sit At A Table In A Restaurant

It is true this article aims to help you understand the reasons to sit at a bar when you visit a restaurant. But before that, we’ll like to state a few times you won’t have any other choice than to sit at a table.

1. When You’re Hanging Out With Friends (A Group Of Three Or More)

Unless the lounge belongs to you, it’s almost unthinkable that you and your friends will be allowed to sit and drink at the lounge bar. Usually, once you’re more than a group of two persons, the bartender will advise you to move to a table.

So, for situations when you’re visiting a lounge bars near me with friends, the table is definitely your only option.

2. When You’re Celebrating A Special Day (e.g., Anniversary)

You have to book a table if you’re going to a restaurant or a lounge to celebrate a special day. Usually, for these types of events, you’ll have your friends with you. And that means reserving a bigger space.

Logically, only a table will serve you right in this kind of scenario.

3. When You’re Meeting With Someone New

If you’re meeting an old friend at a restaurant, asking them to sit with you at the bar might sound normal. But when you’re meeting someone new – say a business associate – for the first time, asking them to join you at the bar might come off rude or unprofessional. Instead, a table will be a more acceptable spot.

Other than these times, I’d advise anyone visiting a restaurant to always pick a seat at the bar. And here’s why.

Reasons To Sit At A Bar Rather Than A Table At A Restaurant

1. It Helps You Dine And Have Fun On A Budget

Like it or not, there’s a certain level of expectation that comes with sitting at a table in a restaurant. As the waiter approaches you, he wants to believe you’re ordering more than a drink. Of course, no compelling rule says you can’t order just a drink at a table, but waiters always expect more from people seated at the table. Besides, nobody wants to be that guy sitting at a table with just a bottle of drink in front of them.

In contrast, when you sit at the bar, this expectation goes out the window immediately. Everybody knows people sitting at the bar only go for a few shots of drinks. So, nobody really expects you to buy too much.

2. You Get Attended To On Time

Unless you’re using a tool like to research bars in your area before walking in, there’s no way you can tell a busy bar from a not-so-busy one. Arriving at a bar and realizing the tables are all packed up means you’re going to have to wait your turn before you get attended to. But a smart way to beat the rush is to sit at the bar.

At the bar, you have a dedicated bartender attending to you and maybe a few others. This allows you to get your drinks served quickly and without delay.

3. It Makes You Appear Less Weird

People get this weird impression when they find someone sitting at a table alone. Somehow, we all expect to find a few persons sitting and dining at a table. As such, when we find a person on a solo date, it somehow feels wrong.

You can save yourself the pity and weird looks by sitting at a bar. If you’re dining alone, you’ll draw a lot less attention at the bar than at a table.

4. It Helps You Enjoy The Scenery Better

Visiting a lounge or a restaurant goes beyond the drinks in the bottles or the foods on the plates. We’re also there to enjoy the sights and events happening around. Sadly, there’s a limit to how you can look around when you’re seated at a table. In contrast, when you sit at the bar, you get a full view of everything happening in the building.

Besides the fact that the bar is normally situated directly opposite the tables, the high seats also allow you to enjoy a broader view of the people, sights, and events in the building.

5. A Chance To Make Friends Or Bond With A Stranger

We’ve all seen it in movies. A guy walks into a lounge, sits at the bar, and then after a few shots, he starts bonding with the bartender or some random guy seated next to him. Such can only happen when you’re seated at the bar. At a table, it’s almost unthinkable that anyone will approach you to start any form of conversation with you.

If you need to make new friends, bond with a stranger, or just share a gist with some random fellow, you should aim to sit by the bar when you visit a lounge.

6. A Chance To Befriend The Bartender

Finally, sitting at the bar gives you a rare chance to become friends with the bartender. Bartenders are used to strangers conversing with them. And many of them love these conversations. At the bar, you can share a gist with the bartender, express interest in his job, and share laughs. Many a time, you might even get a free drink as a reward for keeping their company.

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