Hermit Crab Ditches Shell For A Lego Shell

In the world of weird news, I just dug up something that might have a pretty geeky impact on the Lego community. This time it’s more than just a simple build. It’s not an intricate one or even anything epic. Well, it kind of is, but not in the way that you might think. It’s actually way better, if I may say so myself. This time around it actually has a real life use, in a sense. I found this mighty interesting thing while I was watching Discovery when I was designing yesterday.

The show was about saving the dolphins from polluted water. It was all about how some children tried their best to convince adults that living the way we do will eventually cause the dolphins to go extinct because of our way of continuously destroying the reefs around the world.

Even though this has nothing to do with dolphins, it still has to do with another reef inhabitant who decided that living in an ordinary shell was no longer in style. In fact, this hermit crab was actually looking for another house to live in, but instead he came across a Lego shell which seems to have tickled his fancy. It’s the geekiest thing we’ve seen all week if you ask me. The way that crab is carrying around this house, and the fact that it is made out of Lego, is just insanely cool.

I keep saying it again and again, Lego really is the solution to everything. I wonder, are we going to start creating Lego shells to drop in the sea now? I mean, it could save a lot of crabs the time it takes to keep looking for abandoned shells and whatnot. This way, it’s easier to keep track of the crabs as well. However, of course Lego is made of plastic so would we then pollute the sea? I am sure there are a million different things about this to debate. This is definitely proof that if we at some point run out of ordinary solutions for crab housing, this is always a last resort that even the crabs seem to like. Now, all that is left really is a manufacturer of real Lego houses for us larger inhabitants of the earth.



Via: [Technabob]