Homeschooling – Argumentation For And Against

Distance learning is the least-evil solution in the condition of the global pandemic. Many parents hope that public schools will open soon and that children will return to their daily habits. However, quarantine termination is not always a reason to refuse homeschooling. Let’s dive deeper into the concept of a new form of education so that you could make an informed decision on what is best for your child.

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What’s Good About Homeschooling?

There are a lot of talks about homeschooling. Some people say that the education level goes down when children study at home. Others believe that distance learning brings nothing but a whole pack of benefits. No matter what opinion you adhere to, there are a couple of things that make many vote for distance learning:

  • Individual program – homeschooling allows creating a personalized educational program and a curriculum based on the interests, character traits, and academic performance of your child;
  • Improved academic performance – it is a proven fact that homeschooled children learn faster and get better results than their peers in public schools. If there are any gaps in the academic performance of your kid, you can always reach out to for help;
  • Using the latest technologies and innovative approaches – homeschooling is the best alternative form of education. Modern technology makes the learning process more flexible and diversified. Children now master the latest technologies often faster than their parents, so new forms of education are perceived with a bang;
  • Beter learning curve – this is what most teachers highlight. Distance education nurtures a responsible approach to classes in students, which helps them perform better;
  • More creativity, less boredom – with homeschooling, children are not limited by the walls of a school; the whole world is an educational space. The ability to get knowledge not from textbooks but from primary sources not only increases efficiency but also develops a “passion” for the subject;
  • Personalized goals and objectives – in schools, children need to follow the standard educational program without being able to take a side step. With distance learning, a child can choose what, how, and when to study;
  • Flexibility and convenience – it is no longer necessary for parents to drive and then pick up their child from school at a certain time. Everything is way easier when your child studies at home.

Anything Bad About Homeschooling?

Of course, there are two sides to the medal when it comes to distance learning, and you need to be aware of all the pitfalls as well:

  • Responsibility – when you switch to homeschooling, it is you who holds 100% responsibility for the education of your children. If something goes wrong, it is you who should take an action;
  • Freedom – you can forget about the times when you go about your business when your children are at school. They are at home 24/7. On the other hand, homeschooling can help you better manage your time and become more creative;
  • Qualifications – Many parents are not sure that they have sufficient knowledge, skills, and patience to teach their children;
  • Lack of knowledge – are you afraid that your children will have gaps in their knowledge, that they will ask you questions that you won’t be able to answer? You cannot know everything, and you don’t need to. The main thing is to give children the tools to find the necessary information and teach them how to work with it;
  • Lack of socialization – some believe that homeschooled children spend the whole day at home and do not know how to interact with their peers. However, this is not the case at all. There are a huge number of places where your child can communicate with peers without feeling isolated from society.

Final Say

Just like with anything in life, homeschooling has a lot of pros and cons. But this fact shouldn’t make you think that distance learning is a no-go direction; you will always find a solution and find the best way to arrange an effective learning hub for your kid at home. This is what many parents are already doing.

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