House Yourself Like A Ninja | The Ninja Hotel

The new cool is for sure Ninja. There is an ongoing cascade of tweets on Twitter that is all about Ninja stuff and behavior. Numerous gags and pictures are also being sent around for everyone’s entertainment. Although the Ninja culture has been around for over a 400 years its original style and art form has been modified to come across more like a myth. The word Ninja really means “hidden person” or “a person that can endure”. The word Ninja isn’t really the original word either, but has come to change from “Shinobi” to its current “Ninja”.

The activities of a Ninja have progressed to more of a pop culture cool and portrays Ninjas as invincible and almost ghost like. These are, of course, are exaggerated perceptions and only a small part of the activities we see in movies performed by Ninjas are actually realistic and hail from the ancient times when Ninjas were more like soldiers during their introduction in the 1500-hundreds.

Either way, the supporters of the Ninja pop culture today usually hail anything that even remotely has anything to do with the myth and thus probably also the way a Ninja would house him or herself during times of resting. A new hotel is being conceptualized will probably take your breath away if you’re a Ninja supporter. The hotel “Panoramic Hotel” designed by “Planet 3 Studios” is a true work of art and Ninja inspiration. Created like a Ninja throwing star it can easily be perceived as a pure Ninja creation but promptly it’s not. It was actually part of a contest to create a 5 star hotel in India. The shape and forms are for one purpose only and it’s to give an unforgettable experience always being able to see the outside world in a panoramic view. Thus the name.

So, for all you Ninja fanatics, if you thought you were going to Japan to try this awesome hotel, I guess you have to rebook that ticket and instead get ready for the smell of curry in the morning cause you will be traveling to India.