How To Change Your Life With Numerology

Numerology is a language of numbers that relies on the process of breaking down the equations in your life and can help you make connections between numbers and your life and future. It can become a way to make changes in your life if you understand the basics and learn how to use numerology as a guideline to growing as a person, even spiritually, and identifying your goals and ways to achieve them.

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What Is Numerology?

 In numerology, you can take the numbers in your life and use them to help you understand the world and your place as an individual within it. Similar to astrology, numerology is treated as a form of divination that can help you understand and chart your path in life and your future. The basic concept of numerology relies on the idea of root numbers, which are the fundamentals of the rest of numerology.

The entirety of numerology is based on the belief that the universe and all its abstract concepts can be broken down or reduced to smaller and easier to understand elements, which are numbers with specific meanings. Once you learn how to master the iconography associated with numerology, you can see that the world is connected through sequences of numbers.

Modern-day numerology can be traced back all the way to ancient Greece from the renowned philosopher, Pythagoras, who held several theories about the power of numbers and their myriad uses. It was again popularized in the contemporary world by Dr. Julian Stenton, who brought the practice back to the public eye with his research into numerology and its origins. He is often called the creator of numerology.

How Can You Mix Numerology Into Your Life?

Numerology can seem intimidating at first, and once you learn it, it may seem consuming. A more natural way to fold the concepts and things you learn from the language of numbers is to learn the symbols and meanings of each number (as in numerology, each number is treated as a symbol with substantial meaning), and learn what they correspond to in your personality, your future, and other karmic attributes. Since it functions much like astrology, you can use numerology as a blueprint on how to live your life.

For example, as you learn the various signs and symbols associated with numbers, you may start to pay more attention to the numbers that appear in your daily life. One of the numbers that may arise is 1212, or the angel number 1212 meaning. In numerology, this is often one of the most revered number combinations that appear in a person’s life.

1212 is a message from your guardian angel to reassure you that you can safely pursue new directions, step out of your comfort zone, and finally manifest any goals and desires you may have. It is basically an assurance from the universe that it is working with you to achieve those same goals.

All numbers have meaning in numerology, and once you learn what they mean and learn to pay attention, you can start mixing numerology into your day to day life and use the magic of numbers to move forward in your life.

However, it’s important to remember that numerology and astrology are also similar in the way that it is not meant to be taken as a definite sign to follow a particular path, or to tell you something about yourself with any room for interpretation.

All divination exists as a guide, as a roadmap for self-improvement. Remember to utilize these concepts as the insight that they are and not as specific, set in stone steps to becoming a better person.

Five Important Facts About Numerology

1. A Reading From A Numerologist Will Hinge On The Root Numbers From Your Name And Birthday

Sometimes, they may even use your place of birth or your nationality, which can also come into play. A reading like this might tell you information about yourself, your character traits, help you understand your past and chart your future.

2. Numerology Is Often Called The ‘Language Of Numbers’, And For Good Reason

Because numerology relies on the knowledge that each number functions as a symbol, every letter in the alphabet can be broken down the same way. Convert them to numbers and go from there, i.e., 1 = A, 2  = B, and so on, so forth.

3. Your Life Path Number Is Similar To The Concept Of The Sun Sign In Astrology

The number you find from your date of birth using the root number calculation is your Life Path Number, which is what will help you through the rest of the equations in numerology.

4. Numerology Is About Single-Digit Numbers, Except For ‘Master Numbers’

The ‘Master Numbers’, traditionally the numbers 11 and 22, and even currently the numbers 33 and 44. While you need to reduce all numbers until you find a single digit, master numbers are exempt from this concept.

5. The Art Of Numerology Is Very, Very Old

With its roots traceable to the Ancient Greek philosopher, Pythagoras, you can definitely say numerology is quite old. Its roots can be traced even all the way back to Babylon and ancient Egypt, almost 10,000 years ago.


While it may seem daunting in the beginning, numerology can be just as insightful as conventional astrology. It can help you make sense of your strengths, weaknesses and enable you to take your life by the reins and make small changes that will lead to self-improvement. Once you learn the ways of numerology, you will find the many ways that you can use it to change your life in small steps.

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