How To: Understand Your Dog’s Body Language

We all know that the majority of our communication with each other is conveyed through our body language. It’s one of the reasons why some people have trouble navigating through online relationships. It’s tricky, and it takes a little practice. When you take away eye contact, facial expressions and all the mannerisms that we subconsciously display to the world every day, the only thing we’re left with is our voice or text, and since that is such a small part of our communication, it can be a little challenging to decode sometimes.

I read the other day that it’s the same way with dogs, well, sort of. Since dogs don’t speak our language, they communicate most of their feelings to us through their instinctual body language (they also speak to us through their barks, and you can learn how to interpret those here).

I found the coolest dog translator website ever, and if you have a dog, you’ve got to try it. It’s called Talking Pets. You type in a word like happy, hungry, sad, tired, etc. and the site will show you what the corresponding dog body language is so you can understand your own pup much better! These drawings below are also very cute and helpful. They were created by Lili Chin at Doggie Drawings. I hope these resources help bridge the gap between human and dog communication in your own home.

Click Here To Go To The Dog Translator Website




Header Image Credit: [Dehydrated Mango]