How To Choose The Best Earrings For Your Face Shape

Earrings are the essential jewelry that women love to wear, and matching earring with your outfit is a great way to look classy and beautiful, and classy. In simple words, earrings are a must-have jewelry accessory for all women. Earrings not only enhance your facial features but also make your personality elegant with your outfit.

But is it good if your selected earrings don’t go with your face and give a weird look? Of course not! We all know that an earring is an accessory that helps in highlighting your features and natural beauty. So, it is crucial to select earrings according to your face shape that can complement your beauty and personality.

There are multiple ways to choose earrings, but the ideal way is to identify the shape of your face. You will be glad to use the simple hack while choosing suitable earrings. Go with the trendy earrings that go opposite to your face features and simply stand in front of the mirror, trace the outline of your natural face using a highlighter.

Here is the best and trendiest earring style guide to help you choose the best earrings for your face.

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Earrings For Round Face

The women with round faces have the widest cheekbones and foreheads. Their face looks circular at the cheeks and narrow at the jawline.

So, if your face has a circular form, then long or dangle earrings will be the best option for you. Dangling and Drop long earrings help elongate the face and give a slimmer look.  These earrings can naturally complement your face.

All you need to do is avoid wearing large-sized circular earrings, button studs, and circular hoops because they only emphasize the roundness. Also, do not wear drop earrings with round discs because such type of earrings makes your face more rounder. Choose feminine and elegant designs that come with bold features.

Earrings For Square-Shaped Face

Square-shaped faces have the same width at cheeks, forehead, and jawline. If your face shape is square, then pick a kind of earrings that can soften the sharp edges of your square face.  Also, circular designed earrings will be the best pick for your facial personality.

You can also pick Large Sized Hoop Earrings because these earrings highlight your features and help in softening your face angles. Oval-shaped earrings can also go with a square face. Do not wear square studs if you have a square face.

Earrings For Heart-Shaped Face

In the heart face, the size of the forehead is wider than the cheekbones and jawline. Therefore, if you have a heart-shaped face, then your face line will go downwards to your chin.

For this face shape, Teardrop-designed dangler earrings with long curves are the perfect options. Also, pick earrings with a wider bottom because such types of earrings enhance the features of your eyes, jawline, and cheekbones.

You can balance the features of your natural face by wearing Teardrop-shaped dangle earrings. However, never go with inverted triangle-shaped earrings, is you have a heart-shaped face.

Earrings For Diamond Face

The face with excellent and sharp cheekbones is a diamond face. In diamond faces, the chin and forehead are slimmer than cheekbones.

If your face shape is diamond, then go with earrings with more volume from the middle section than long. You can also pick straight lines earrings as they offer a flattering look.

Earrings with tiny or wide drops can balance the natural features of your face and draw attention to your eyes and cheeks. You can find various elegant diamond cluster earrings at Itshot portal.

Earrings For Narrow Face

A narrow face highlights the width of your cheeks and forehead. Length is the most defining characteristic of a narrow face. The narrow face structure is similar to the square shape face but is more elongated.

Short dangles with volume are the best earrings for a narrow-shaped face, and dangling earrings with elongated curves also work best. These suitable earrings will accentuate your cheekbones and add a soft feature to your face.

Kundan earrings can be the other best option for your thin and narrow face as they will emphasize the width of your face. Also, round studs can highlight your facial features.

Earrings For Oval Shaped Face

Oval shape face has not too broad forehead and, but your face narrows down towards your chin. Oval-shaped faces maybe have rounded chins, but it is believed that the women with oval faces are the luckiest ones.

If you have an oval face, you can go with any pair of earrings, whether round-shaped earrings, heart-shaped earrings, danglers, teardrop long, or diamond studs.

You can wear stylish earrings to highlight your facial features. Oval faces have incredible versatility that can blend with any style. So, what are you waiting for? Have fun experimenting and look fabulous!

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Other Methods Are…

  • Pick earrings based on your hair colour and length.
  • Wear stylish earrings that suit your lifestyle.
  • Choose earrings as per your outfit or style.
  • You can also opt skin colouring matching technique to choose the best earrings.

Now, you know how to choose the best earrings for your face; it’s time to bring out your stylish earrings. Look fabulous and Classy!

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