How To Decorate A Blank Wall Space

Decorating wall space can be one of the most difficult aspects of renovating a room. We fill a room with furniture and paint the walls only to find that there is a huge blank space making the room look unfinished. There is a fine line between minimalism and overcrowding. Here are some of our tips to help bring you a bit of inspiration on how you can fill that blank wall space.

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Wall Art

This might seem like an obvious one, but there are many different types of wall art you can use. You can fill it with lovely canvas prints or framed photos to create a gallery wall. The great thing about a gallery wall is how different they can be – you can keep it organized and minimal if the room is already quite busy, or it can be colorful and random if the rest of the room is fairly minimal.

A Mirror

Mirrors are an interior designer’s secret weapon because they can work miracles for a room. They help a dimly lit room appear brighter by reflecting the light or they can make a small room look bigger whilst simultaneously filling that awkward empty space. If you do not want to overwhelm the overall design, a mirror is the perfect décor piece because it works in any room.

Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are a great way to fill a wall space because they serve two functions; decorating the room and providing some storage space. You can decorate shelves with minimal décor using understated black and white framed prints, or you can make it busy and colorful with books and artwork. The best thing about shelves is that you can switch them up and swap out the décor as often as you like.


Every room should have plants – they breathe a bit of life into a room, add a splash of color and help with oxygen circulation to keep the room from getting too stuffy. You can fill shelves with hanging plants, hang them from wall hooks or install wall planters like these cool succulent wall planters that are all the rage at the moment.

If you struggle to keep plants alive, then you can always opt for artificial ones, they serve the same purpose of making the room look fresher and more welcoming, but they will not do anything for the room’s oxygen flow.

Woven Art Or Tapestries For Your Empty Wall Space

A woven art piece or large tapestry can help add texture to your room whilst also covering that glaring blank space. You can find beautiful woven art to suit any room – from more plain, beige macrame to fit with your minimal décor to bright and colorful pieces to liven up a place.

Tapestries do not have to be those cliche tie-dyes or mandala wall hangings we have all seen in student housing. There are plenty of different types of tapestry to fit anyone’s personal style; just take a look. You are guaranteed to find something suitable for whichever room you are decorating.

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